eBTC: The Big Update!

Developers/FUD/Giveaways/And all the good stuff


Our swap is on schedule for the end of October! We are hoping to give those who celebrate Halloween an awesome treat!

While we do admit there has been some controversy over everything, we have successfully made it through Satoshi21 abandoning the project & Mercatox starting a vote to delist us!

Do we need to tell you that? No, but we hope that in the pursuit of a unified community that we have no secrets. eBTC was created for the community and will remain with the community. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible while nurturing this amazing currency.


The ever important Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Since it’s inception there have been many many copycats of what eBTC is and what our vision is. We firmly believe we will outlast some of those projects. And even if they had the best intentions in mind some have already begun to be abandoned. eBTC has had an uphill fight for a while now and we very much enjoy being the underdog.


So this is a weird topic but an exciting one. I say weird because we were trying to figure out the wording for a while before finally settling on what we have.

eBTC is growing and it’s all because of our amazing community! We have a lot of projects in the works but we would be nothing without our strong community, so we are launching our suggestion box!
Enter you suggestions and be eligible to win up to 5000 eBTC! 5 Winners will be choosen by the community!
We will be choosing 10 ideas and giving away many prizes and let the community vote for the top 5!
Submit your idea and what you wish to add, winners will be announced in all our official channels!
We are excited about your ideas!
Good luck everyone!

We will be having a giveaway to those who contribute some amazing ideas to our team! We are excited to include the community on this level to emphasize how devoted we are to listening and making sure that we create something amazing while remember where we came from.

The Good Stuff

We have been hard at work get the token swap to be perfect and it’s looking like we are almost there, we have a tentative date of October 30th, 2017. A countdown will be added to the website and we will be preparing for this amazing event.

We hope this helps catch everyone up on what’s going on.

We appreciate everyone.

- eBTC Foundation