Q&A from the first live-streamed AMA on Facebook on November 30th, 2017

These Q&A’s are answered by eBTC Foundation and Proxycard Team on their first Facebook’s live stream held on Nov. 30th 2017.

Matt F.:

Q: What problem(s) does eBitcoin solve better than Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, or Litecoin? 
A: It‘s faster, much cheaper, and can interact with smart contracts. Also, we are building an infrastructure that will make it very easy for the 6-year-old and the 80-year-old user to interface with it.

Q: What do you have to say to doubters that allege that eBitcoin is just another pump-and-dump ERC20 token?
A: If that was true, we could have dumped at $0.80. Did we? No. We are very serious, and are working tirelessly to succeed! Also, we wouldn‘t have spent 7 weeks of work around the clock making a new contract, building first partnerships, buying a very expensive domain, and hosting on AWS servers. We ask that you compare all of this to those P&D coins, did they invest so much work?


Q: Did anyone on the eBTC team know each other prior to joining the team?
A: No. We found one another together through the idea of a community-driven project, just like the Bitcoin and Ethererum we all love.

Q: It seems very strategic that the eBTC team is globally diverse, was this an accident or done on purpose?
A: This was done by accident, though because people with the same mind are spread around the world it was inevitable and for all good reasons!

Q: How much interaction do the ProxyCard team and the eBitcoin Foundation have together? Are the blockchain developers from eBTC helping the ProxyCard team now?
A: Proxy has a ready to launch hybrid wallet and other features that eBitcoin will adopt as their wallet. So eBitcoin´s wallet will be the one from Proxy and therefore will be ready to distribute in January. eBitcoin‘s Blockchain devs bring in their ideas and the teams work together now.

Q: Is the eBTC team still working on another wallet? If not, what are those devs working on now?
A: No. Since it is no longer necessary, they are focusing on other add-ons for our ecosystem.

Q: I recently bought a pizza with my BitPay card. My order cost $23.00, yet the total fee charged to my account ended up being $6.00 to cover the bitcoin network fees. What would my fee have been with eBitcoin and ProxyCard on that trasaction?
A: $0.15 max


Q: When moon? 
A: When the sun goes down, the moon rises.

Q: When next livestream?
A: We will try to host a livestream every second week at least.

Q: What price do you expect and when?
A: We don‘t do predictions, but we think we can come back to our ATH soon.

Q: What are your goals for eBitcoin to accomplish?
A: We are building an ecosystem with many different solid and seemless solutions, where all eBTC holders will profit in the long term.

Q: Greatest marketing idea?
A: Let us know!
Q: What about the community?
A: It is continually growing everyday with solid members and we have gotten great input already. Since we are community-driven, they are one of our most important assets.

Q: Lambo in 1 year?
A: We don‘t like Lambos. They go very fast for a short time and then run out of gas. We prefer moving forward with healthy and sustainable growth. Besides, in a Lambo only 2 persons can ride, we are a community, and so far, Lambo is not buliding boats, where many people can join.


Q: What happens to the frozen OLD tokens on Etherdelta?
 A: As we announced, the community demanded a swap almost a month ago, and told all people to move their tokens to their private wallet. We are not responsible for how investors monitor their portfolios. In crypto, one must follow their investments by themselves. We did everything we could to inform, and told all investors to move their holdings to their private wallets on every channel we had. 99% followed this recommendation. Unfortunately, some did not follow their investment and let it sit in a hot wallet hosted by the exchanges EtherDelta, Mercatox, and HitBTC.

A disclaimer statement from EtherDelta exchange.

As HitBTC and Mercatox are centralized exchanges, they were able to swap old to new tokens. As EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange, the new tokens were sent to the ED contract address where they cannot be released, and holders cannot be identified 100% to receive their holdings. We sent out all new tokens to the ED contract also, but to no avail. We did all that we could do. Our team continually looks for a solution daily to unfreeze those tokens, but we are unable to promise that there will be a resolution. We try extremely hard to deliver on all our promises. Please accept our sincerest apologies, but it wasn’t our responsibility. Anyway, we are still working to try to find a solution since it concerns us and every community member who is a part of this. We care a lot. We cannot give a solution right now and therefore cannot provide an ETA. Rest assured that we will continue to work on it.


Q: Since eBTC is just another ERC20 token and it is easy to copy, how does eBTC stand different?
A: The Team and what we are bulilding. One can make a contract in a day, or even copy it somehow, but they cannot build this team in a day. Also, most important, you cannot bring the value in what we are building right now.

Q: What is your marketing strategy?
A: Convince people with facts and not empty promises.

Q: Are you talking with other cards and payment services like Utrust and Tenx?
A: Honestly, it’s not necessary.

Q: When can we see new exchanges?
A: Soon. We guess latest in about 1–2 weeks.


Q: What criteria did you use to determine which exchanges to apply for eBitcoin?
 A: We go up the ladder from the bottom. We already have 5 exchanges, but of course the top 3 are our goal. To achieve these listings, we need more volume.

Q: What distinguishes eBitcoin from other ERC20 tokens? 
A: Already asnwered

Q: I like to laugh, what’s your favorite joke?
A: All copycats of eBitcoin.
 Q: It’s a sea of red in cryptos for the past 24 hours. Everything is crashing and the total market cap has lost as much as $70 Billion (over 20%). During this, eBitcoin has dropped but managed to maintain the range 0.00029ETH to 0.0003ETH low. What do you attribute to eBitcoin’s relative strength during this mini crash?
A: We built up stability with value already and showed what we are able to do without an ICO. We are confident the community now trusts us and in our capabilities.

Krishna Allani:

Q: Are you guys talking with any social influencers to promote eBTC?
A: We believe they will come and follow us when they see what exactly we are doing.

Q: Are you planning to talk with other cards like Tenx, monetha, monaco and UTrust?
A: We are open for everything, but isn‘t necessary.

Aeeb Brin:

Q: Do you plan to have some YouTube videos for eBTC…some done professionally?
A: Yes, but we are a community, not a cosmetically clean ICO-driven token. Volunteers from our community do videos and upload them.

Q: When will the marketing campaign start?
A: It already started with the first Livestream AMA on Facebook.

Q: Is it going to start according to the schedule layed out in your roadmap?
A: See above answer

Kārlis Dambis:

Q: What marketing plans does the team have?
A: Social, Print & more. Spread our philosophy everywhere.

Lucris Vicxa:

Q: Is the partnership between eBTC and Proxy exclusive?
A: In terms of wallet, definitely.

Q: Does the partnership mean that ProxyCard will only work with eBTC and not with Ether or any other ERC20 tokens?
A: A wallet only makes sense with many different ERC20 tokens in it. One probably doesn‘t want to download a wallet for every token they hold. There will be special benefits for eBTC holders though.

Q: Payments and transfers will only be made with eBTC?
A: See above answer.

Brunoff Olveira Maneiro:

Q: Where do you see Proxy and eBTC in 1 year?
A: Building on our partnership at its best level and being very successful.

Boris Dolenc:

Q: Some new exchanges are in ICO stage. Are there plans to target those exchanges as well?
A: We will see. At the moment, we need volume and mass adoption, which we are working very hard on.

Q: Crypto is inherently hard to buy for the average person. Will there be a gateway to purchase eBTC with fiat?
A: We have one solution already, but want to make it even better and easier. We will wait with any releases until we launch, which is what we‘re known for: being the best and the first mover, rather than a “me too“.

Q: From a retail perspective, having some stability in price is important. Are you looking at a solution for this?
A: When everything is calculated in real-time, it doesn‘t matter where the price is when you directly swap it into fiat.

Jeremy Letourneur:

Q: How will the team continue to attract people’s trust?
A: By delivering stand-alone use-cases without being an ICO, we are an open-source community with a strong core of more then 40 people around the globe. Every member has their specific talent and passion. What do you think is the limit for a community like that?

Christopher Ryan Welch:

Q: Can we purchase eBTC through ProxyCard via debit or credit?
A: Not at the moment.

Thank you very much. We hope we have answered all of the questions. The philosophy is very simple — many people around the globe with a lot of knowledge working around the clock for the same purpose: To create an Open-Source Ecosystem that will benefit all eBTC holders! Also, we combine our knowledge of old business, most of us having more than 15 years’ experience and special skills, with the rapidly-emerging blockchain technology.

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