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The future of decentralized ecosystems is about to get more attractive with a major face-lift while becoming globally accessible. With a unique crypto history that has had an invaluable experience bestowed upon it, the persistent Community of eBitcoin and its specialized, unwavering team, the world is about to be presented with a first look at how distributed ledgering technologies can be leveraged to reimagine how a digital system can render value with a unique framework of next-gen blockchain FinTech for the traditional world.

The eBitcoin Initiative, managed by eBTC LLC, could naturally cause one to ask how such a robust community has been able to fare so well and persevere? At the end of the day, it’s really quite simple. While major issues pertaining to scalability, security and governance are continuously being resolved on the back-end of blockchain ecosystems, the other side of the token (user adoption and Point of Sale adoption) was required to be designed for the rest of the world; thanks to a proper legal structure with top-notch management being put in place by DLT Consulting, these second-layer, front-end solutions have been under development for several months. Rather than having one “killer Dapp”, the eBitcoin Initiative is focusing on helping build out a killer ecosystem that will be truly sustainable for growth over the long term for everyone to enjoy perpetually. …

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“People don’t know what they really want until you show them.” — arguably one of the best and definitely one of the most world-renowned quotes from the late tech visionary, Steve Jobs.

This is to say that people will use only what’s available to them, regardless of whether they like it, fully understand it, or agree with it. However, when one comes across something that looks more attractive and provides a better, more intuitive way to accomplish a task, a truly beautiful evolution starts.
This is what is happening within the partnership of eBTC LLC and DLT Consulting, but there are actually more factors at play silently contributing to the overall power of this newly formed relationship.

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It seems that greed and egos are the only real driving forces behind the Bitcoin hard forks. This naturally causes unnecessary animosity within those communities sidetracking any kind of progress for technical enhancements. Fortunately, for a community like eBTC’s that has been through so much, there’s no risk of this happening.

How can the public trust that this is indeed the case? With the inception of the eBitcoin Initiative, managed by eBTC LLC, it is now rather easy. The products eBTC LLC is overseeing in conjunction with DLT Consulting are immutable and autonomous in operation requiring little to no human turnover to maintain operational efficacy. We’re building our technologies from the ground up to scale in relevancy with every passing day, and because eBTC’s smart contract was developed and released to simply run on the Ethereum blockchain, there’s literally no concern of it being stopped, manipulated or otherwise jacked with; in actuality, there is no trust necessary or required. …

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A Crypto-Revolution Begins

eBitcoin began as a dream by a developer, operating under the pseudo-name Satoshi21, who envisioned creating a tokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum long before code-poachers swarmed the crypto space and the current era of endlessly inspired e-Tokens. Considering evolving legal changes within the crypto-landscape, Satoshi21 chose to airdrop 98% of the 21 million tokens to the newly instituted eBTC community free-of-charge — rather than perform an ICO.

Shortly after Satoshi21 launched the eBitcoin (eBTC) platform as “a tokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum” on 01 October 2017, a security audit of the contract-code revealed a vulnerability in the platform enabling a “quantitative easing” capability (Tool of Federal Reserves..)— aka unlimited supply creation — which contradicted the core economic competency behind a “Bitcoin on Ethereum” as a store of value as well as an approach to reducing high-volume transaction costs. In traditional executive-departure style, Satoshi21 took full responsibility and freely turned the platform over to the community of volunteers supporting the eBTC project, who banded together to freely-donate the funds required to upgrade and maintain the platform’s code. …

The next step in the evolution of eBitcoin´s Ecosystem is done., who just partnered with IBM, joins the Ecosystem of other projects under the umbrella of the eBitcoin Foundation. Boon´s CEO, Raj Pavithran, was following the growing eBitcoin Foundation and also shares the Vision of Gio vin Die´s Ecosystem where outstanding Projects work together and collaborate as a strong Team, instead of working against each other.

After its successful ICO, Boon presents its Artificial Intellgience-driven Freelancer Platform, where no Fees will be charged. It is now easy as ever to hire a freelancer from China who will get the job done right the first time, but may not even speak your language. Using the AI powered by IBM Watson, communication can now be automatically translated in both directions. This knowledge is also used for better searches. Additionally, Boon and eBitcoin are in talkings (so far not publicly disclosed) to collaboratively develop a platform under the roof of the eBitcoin Foundation. …

What is necessary for a healthy Ecosystem is Security and professional Auditing for all members.

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We are very proud to announce joined our Ecosystem. Chainsecurity is a young company from Switzerland that is already successful and very professional in what they do, making them a perfect match for eBitcoin’s Ecosystem. Their team members have either already earned their PhDs from the University or are nearing completion.

Like a real-life doorman, their team audits smart contracts, secures crypto tokens and Dapps. They have built a mature and trusted product, currently being revamped, as the result of a long-term scientific project that originated at the ETH Zürich. They detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts and ensure that audited tokens are safe from any exploitation of unforeseen loopholes in smart contracts giving investors and teams of the respective projects comfort and confidence. …

eBitcoin Foundation is very proud that has now joined their Ecosystem to bundle marketing forces, communities, and the power of its business network. Combining eSports with the Crypto world is one of the smartest ideas yet. With over 50,000 daily eSports gamers using their platform, Tradecentral, eBoost can also use eBitcoin’s merchant gateway in the future to offer virtual items for in-game use.

In addition to the Wallet, 3D/VR, merchant gateway, Crowdsurance, Sports & Entertainment, Recruitment, Marketing, and now entering the world of eSports, the initial Ecosystem is almost complete. eBoost being one of the last “initial” Partners of the Ecosystem fills a HUGE gap involving the ever-popular world of virtual gaming.

Every nation and branch are represented to launch a fruitful mix and business network where all are growing together faster than if they were standing alone.

About eBitcoin Foundation

The eBitcoin Foundation has a growing team of over 70 people from around the world. With deep backgrounds of old ‘real world’ economy mixed with blockchain, the community as a whole has the same goal: Make Cryptocurrency simple! Creating a sustainable Ecosystem with all types of partners (wallet, merchant gateway, insurance, marketing, security, 3D/VR, etc) that provide fluid access as well as simple and secure ways to store, spend, and use cryptocurrencies such as eBTC; what will ultimately result in mass adoption. …

After the exchange integrations, the Merchant & Payment Gateway to accept eBitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other top 50 altcoins has finally launched, marking a big turning point for eBitcoin! Up to this point, we actually had very little other than promises to market. Now, we have a SERVICE to advertise. The Merchant Services are now active with plugins for the most common e-commerce solutions like Shopify, Weebly, OpenCart, ECWID & WooCommerce. They also offer simple HTML-based “Buy Now” buttons that can be used on any website, as well as implementation for WordPress and a simple Rest API.

The Merchant Gateway is a joint venture between the eBitcoin Foundation and Cointopay International B.V. As a solution provider for the eBitcoin Foundation, it was important to have the gateway built by a reliable technology partner who also covers the legal aspects since eBitcoin Foundation is decentralized itself without even a physical headquarter. …

We are pleased to announce the next partner into the eBitcoin Ecosystem: MoxyOne.

For our mission to have eBTC as a payment solution, having a debit card would of course make it much easier to spend your crypto on a daily base — online or offline everywhere. As the Proxy Wallet is almost finished, we fell in love with the idea and possibility to add a debit card solution to it. …

We are happy to announce that REGA Risk Sharing, a blockchain-based crowdsurance platform, has joined our Ecosystem. REGA fills another crucial part of the puzzle for our Ecosystem.

“As we continue to build more value behind the eBitcoin Ecosystem, we keep very closely to the mission to make crypto easily accessible for the masses. Enabling the world at large to buy & use crypto currencies, but also allow them to access the possibilities and advantages of the crypto world for daily usage. Therefore, REGA Risk Sharing fits into the Ecosystem perfectly.” stated Gio vin Die, eBitcoin Foundation.

One part of the the old economy is insurance, what everybody needs. Already covering two mass markets and bringing benefit to their community, REGA is filling this gap in the blockchain world with pet and gadget crowdsurance products. More products such as travel, car, health, house, and parametric will follow. …


eBitcoin (eBTC)

eBitcoin (eBTC): Creating the Future of Global Payment Networks (GPNs).

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