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Jun 14 · 3 min read

The future of decentralized ecosystems is about to get more attractive with a major face-lift while becoming globally accessible. With a unique crypto history that has had an invaluable experience bestowed upon it, the persistent Community of eBitcoin and its specialized, unwavering team, the world is about to be presented with a first look at how distributed ledgering technologies can be leveraged to reimagine how a digital system can render value with a unique framework of next-gen blockchain FinTech for the traditional world.

The eBitcoin Initiative, managed by eBTC LLC, could naturally cause one to ask how such a robust community has been able to fare so well and persevere? At the end of the day, it’s really quite simple. While major issues pertaining to scalability, security and governance are continuously being resolved on the back-end of blockchain ecosystems, the other side of the token (user adoption and Point of Sale adoption) was required to be designed for the rest of the world; thanks to a proper legal structure with top-notch management being put in place by DLT Consulting, these second-layer, front-end solutions have been under development for several months. Rather than having one “killer Dapp”, the eBitcoin Initiative is focusing on helping build out a killer ecosystem that will be truly sustainable for growth over the long term for everyone to enjoy perpetually.

No longer will the public have to endure reading hateful and arduous arguments between forked communities. No longer will it have to be subjected to figuring out what blockchain has the cheapest fees, easiest (or most attractive) UX, most secure or efficient on which to transact. eBitcoin will have the best of all worlds and in order for it all to happen in the most efficient way, both needed to have the appropriate left-brained professionals who are blessed with the ability to visualize products that will aid in the required attraction and seamlessness of usability. Fortunately, such a team with extreme determination have been working ever so diligently to make what the crypto world has been desiring a reality and will actually be a significant driver for mainstream adoption.

One of the major keys to unlocking this potential is a unique SSO Portal from the joint collaboration between eBTC LLC and DLT Consulting, the value of which will be evident this summer with its multi-stage soft launch. The world is about to be presented with tech that has been designed for all kinds of consumers and businesses, and will undoubtedly aid them in onboarding to blockchain affording an “ecosystem for all”.

-eBTC Community-Led Team

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