Proof of Value

May 22 · 2 min read

It seems that greed and egos are the only real driving forces behind the Bitcoin hard forks. This naturally causes unnecessary animosity within those communities sidetracking any kind of progress for technical enhancements. Fortunately, for a community like eBTC’s that has been through so much, there’s no risk of this happening.

How can the public trust that this is indeed the case? With the inception of the eBitcoin Initiative, managed by eBTC LLC, it is now rather easy. The products eBTC LLC is overseeing in conjunction with DLT Consulting are immutable and autonomous in operation requiring little to no human turnover to maintain operational efficacy. We’re building our technologies from the ground up to scale in relevancy with every passing day, and because eBTC’s smart contract was developed and released to simply run on the Ethereum blockchain, there’s literally no concern of it being stopped, manipulated or otherwise jacked with; in actuality, there is no trust necessary or required. The eBTC contract wasn’t deployed to need constant maintenance or upgrades — it is a fully distributed utility token.

But for those who may have difficulty comprehending this novel concept, rest assured that for all intents and purposes, we’ve really just created the best of both worlds: a private company centered on meeting its Community’s needs. In this formation, there is a legal construct that provides transparency to token users and partner businesses — enabling a traditional means of recourse and collaborative engagement that can be trusted and easily scaled into brick-and-mortar business operations.

And with what is being developed out of the partnership of eBTC LLC and DLT Consulting, the value will be evident this summer with the soft launch of our unique SSO Portal. When the world is presented with something that provides a better, more intuitive UX to onboard to blockchain, that’s when the truly beautiful crypto adoption begins.

-eBTC Community-Led Team

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