What Do You Actually Want?

May 23 · 2 min read

“People don’t know what they really want until you show them.” — arguably one of the best and definitely one of the most world-renowned quotes from the late tech visionary, Steve Jobs.

This is to say that people will use only what’s available to them, regardless of whether they like it, fully understand it, or agree with it. However, when one comes across something that looks more attractive and provides a better, more intuitive way to accomplish a task, a truly beautiful evolution starts.
This is what is happening within the partnership of eBTC LLC and DLT Consulting, but there are actually more factors at play silently contributing to the overall power of this newly formed relationship. Hint: it has to do with Community.

Would one rather be involved in a community that continually changes its focus, argues with and bashes counterparts/ enemies, or one that is strong, robust, actually sustainable, and partnered with a respectable firm that is developing technology around its community-driven utility token with a clear plan for continuous expansion without the possibility of any kind of forks in the road that would otherwise cause havoc and inevitable value dilution?

One may be even more intrigued when they’re able to actually have their voices heard in a more controlled, democratic forum than anything that could be offered by popular messenger service like Telegram. It could very well be the product that will provide the safer, enhanced virtually interactive medium featuring state-of-the-art FinTech functionality that the crypto world needs without ever knowing blockchain is involved.

Its unique technologies will incentivize eBTC token usage as well as provide a novel and secure marketplace for transacting anything of value. As it is in final preparations for a soft launch come end of June/ beginning of July 2019, keep an eye out for this new kind of Portal; one with an integrated SSO interface that will provide the first adaptation of such a platform in crypto history.

-eBTC Community-Led Team

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