Hack Your Productivity With One Click
Misty Anderson

That is awesome, I completely agree. When you tell someone that they can reach you 24 hours a day, 24/7, 365 days a year it only cheapens whoever you think you are or whatever it is you have to offer. Suddenly you fall down the priority list of your contacts, because they subconsciously realize, that you are working out of scarcity, and they reprioritize you to 10 PM on Saturday night or 6:30 AM on a Tuesday knowing that you’ve told them it’s OK to call you at any hour, completely compromising what you’re really trying to achieve.

Most of the time, after 5 PM, you really can’t do anything about an urgent call, or a demanding message, or some perceived crisis on the part of the Inquirer. So why stew over it all night and drive yourself crazy.

Great stuff girl, thank you.