How Authors Can Turn Their Dreaming Into Action

Two people want to become authors. One goes onto become a great one. The other waits, and waits until nothing happens. What differentiates the person who became an author compared to the individual who didn’t? At the core, it is taking the dream of being an author and actually doing it. If you’re someone who has been dreaming for far too long than you care to remember, read on to learn how to make this fantasizing into a real life story.

Don’t stop dreaming

Well the right type of dreaming, I mean. And the correct type of dreaming consists of conjuring up vivid stories, and characters in your imagination, seeing outside of the box and creating a little magic in the process. In order to write a good story, you will still need to be able to dream. However, rather than dreaming of actually writing a story, dream about the actual bits that will make up your tale, and get them down up to paper or a word process as fast as you can.

Set some targets

Nothing will quite help you to write a story like setting yourself some goals, writing them down, and giving yourself some deadlines. With the New Year just days away, there’s no time like the present to set some targets to get your next book written and published, or complete the one you’re already working on. In fact, 2015 could be your best writing year so far.

Make some new friends

I’m talking about the right type of new friends, and these friends are go-getters; the type of author who decided to act, rather than just dream and went to achieve the success that you would like to emulate. Such authors are all over the Internet and now’s the time to make some connections through social media, read some of their articles and books and get inspired enough, so that you are propelled to take action.

Can you really afford it?

If you’ve been dreaming constantly with little else to show, can you even afford not to take action and write your book(s)? I mean if you continue living from the perspective of liking the idea of being a great author, but never ending up amounting to much, is this really the legacy you want to leave?

Action is never as bad as it may seem

Dreaming is a pleasurable activity. That’s why humans love to do it so much. After all, everything seems nice, and warm and friendly. Perhaps action seems hard, and this makes you avoid it? Truth is you will face challenges and bumps along the way. You might even trip up a number of times. However, getting your book written and published is a great big, positive learning trip. You will develop your skills as a writer; you will become a better marketer. Taking action is never as bad as it seems, and those authors who develop wisdom, truly see the joy in the journey. Don’t deprive yourself of taking the ride. You’ll miss out if you don’t!

Editor’s Note: This article was first published on e-Books India in December 2014.

Hiten Vyas is the Founder and Managing Editor of eBooks India. He is also a prolific eBook writer with over 25 titles to his name.

Originally published at eBooks India.

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