How Social Media Impacts SEO?

Social media has a great impact on SEO. Want to know how? This piece of information can be of great help to you.

There are plenty of digital marketing experts in the industry who say that Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) share a mutually consequential bond. However, different people have different opinions and explanations about it. Some say that the effect of SMO on organic rank is not direct, whereas others believe that most ranking factors are actually social signals. Still others put forward the theory that social signals vehemently affect SEO.

According to Eclick Softwares and Solutions, a digital marketing company, social media optimization can have a significant impact on SEO and contribute towards the organic success of any website. Let’s find out exactly how it happens:


The most popular search engine Google makes use of reviews and Google Plus activity for personalizing search results of users when they are signed in. If you happen to be fortunately connected to an individual through Google Plus who has reviewed the business you are searching for posted on the platform about the topic,l the result is more likely to climb up in rank because of your connection. Thus, customization of SMO affects ranking.

Brand Signals

Many digital marketing experts think that mentions on a site or blog (even those without hyperlink) can influence ranking factors. Such a thing is known as co-citation in the language of Google and considered a brand signal. Thus social media has the power to increase brand awareness and initiate conversations giving rise to co-citation mentions thereby affecting organic results.

Volume Of Search Query

We all know that social media optimization helps in reaching out to a larger audience. This, in turn, leads to spiking of brand awareness and increase in the number of viewers. When Google notices this hike in visitors, it views the brand as a popular business and awards higher ranking to the site.

Traffic Volume & Site Engagement

Social media can increase your site’s traffic, which is one of the important factors in search engine ranking. The items like videos, blog posts, event listings and other kinds of interesting content that are often being shared on these social media platforms drive huge traffic. Moreover if the content is interesting, users stick around it for a while reading the entire thing or watching the full video instead of bouncing back. The result is increase in the organic traffic, which is an important element of SEO.

So, social media plays a havoc role in SEO especially for increasing the organic traffic. If analytics are seen you will see that a lot of website traffic comes from social media platforms.