Important Things Your E-Commerce Site Must Have

There are certain important things that are a must-haves in an e-commerce website and which only a company offering e-commerce website design services can understand.

An e-commerce site is the platform that will help you increase your conversions and sales online. So, if you’re planning to sell a product over the internet, an ecommerce website design is the only right solution for you. However, getting an ecommerce website designed is not an easy affair. There are certain important things that are a must-haves in an e-commerce website and which only a company offering ecommerce website design services can understand.

Easily understood navigation

Navigation is one of the most essential parts of a store design. If the online store offers good navigation, it will help new shoppers find what they are actually looking for without any problem. Poor navigation is however going to frustrate them and lead them to abandon the store. Now the question that arises is what is good navigation. There is no such set of rules but the main thing is that it should offer a clear path right from the landing page to checkout. No matter what the landing page is — whether it’s a specific product page or a homepage — a visitor must be able to find their way quickly around the site without asking ‘how do I…?’ It must have the most essential categories in the main navigation. The less important pages need to be delegated to site footer or drop-downs.

Compatibility with all devices & screen sizes

As a lot of stores are continuing to see a rise in mobile-only shoppers, it is thus essential to be conscious of the different screen sizes and devices used by your consumers. The design of your store must automatically adjust to match larger screens as well as the smaller ones. Responsive design is a process of web design, which automatically scales a website’s look up or down for matching the screen size on which it’s viewed. It has become a standard for new sites in the recent years. Thanks to Google for considering mobile friendliness as a ranking factor to a site and recommending responsiveness as the best method to comply.

Fast loading times

About forty percent of online shoppers abandon a website when it takes more than three seconds to load. No matter how wonderful the design of the store is, if the page load time is slow, the bounce rate is going to increase and conversion rate is going to drop. In order to not lose customers, you must aim to implement a design, which loads all the assets quickly. The slower the design of your store loads, the more will be the bounce rate from your site.

Clear, beautiful photos

The recent trend in web design revolves around big, screen-filling images. These big, attractive images serve some purposes. They can scale up & down for sites that have been responsively-designed to fill screens of any size without hampering its quality. They even direct a visitor’s attention to a call to action. These images do a great job of describing the specific products or getting your consumers to look at something that’s specific. The design of your site shouldn’t be focused only on 1–2 big images of your landing page or hone page. Crystal-clear product images must be used all through the design.

Make sure the website that’s built for your business has all these features or else turning browsers into buyers would be a difficult affair. Hire Eclick Softwares and Solutions because they usually build websites that sells.