Customer Retention Strategies For Your Ecommerce Business

Most of the eCommerce business holders are in an illusion that new customer acquisition is the only way to keep your business ramped up. Yes, it is one of the major strategies, but in reality, a repeat customer is the one whom you should be targeting for your business to have sound sales in long run. Due to more and more competition in eCommerce sector, it is necessary to hold a guild of people who can keep your business alive.

Let’s first understand how a repeat customer can be an ideal way to target for. Consider yourself in shoes of the customer. Think about the last time you purchased a product from an unfamiliar website online. Did u even make a purchase? If so, will you be repurchasing from them again? Answering these questions will automatically give you the reasons why you should spend time in focusing on customer retention.

Customers who have already used your product & service and had good experience with your brand are likely to come back to you for more as they are aware of the kind of service you provide to your customers and the trust in your brand makes them return and also sometimes result in the mouth to mouth marketing. Hence it costs less to invest in returning customers. Here are some of the strategies which might be helpful to retain your existing customers.

1. Avail discounts or offers for the existing customers

Who doesn’t like paying less for good quality products? Customers spend most of their time in surfing for the online store where least price is rendered for a particular product. Customized offers which can be proffered to customers on next purchase are:

  • Cashback offer
  • Seasonal discounts
  • Coupons
  • COD options
  • Free product delivery
  • Referral points

2. Send personalized emails:

Since there is no interaction between the customer and the Eseller unlike Brick and Mortar store, sending personalized email is one of the impactful means of connecting with your customers as it helps to make your brand recognizable. Sending a birthday wishes to mail or availing offer on birthday makes them connect to your brand. You can also go one step ahead and send handwritten birthday greeting card to give humanly touch of your brand.

3. New products and reminder emails:

If there is any new product added to your website you can notify about it through email. You can also send recommended products, through mail based on the previous product purchase or by-product search analysis as this will increase the chances of sales.

If the customer has not purchased any of the products from your store for a while, then you can send a reminder mail along with the new and recommended products.

4. Social Media

Who is not on social media nowadays! Customers like your social media page if they are interested in your brand and want to know more about your brand. Since the majority of the world’s population uses social media, it is easy to connect with your customers any time irrespective of geographical location and time. Post all the latest news about your brand and keep the customer updated on the current happening with regards to your business. Even if some of your customers have ignored your mail, they can check it out on social media and they can even connect with you personally for any kind of queries through social media. A good post can even get good likes and shares and interactions, which can help in higher brand reach.

5. Listen to your customers:

Sometimes customers purchase from your website and never return back. We never know the exact reason why he/she was a one time customer. With a feedback mail or asking the customers to rate your service, helps customers to share the good experience or the problems they are facing. By responding to the queries of the customer, you create trust in them towards your brand. A good customer support always enhances and makes customers feel secure about your service.

The Cutthroat competition in eCommerce industry has made it necessary to have a good customer base in hand, who can save you from the eCommerce biggies. Retargeting customers who have already used your service in the past is one of the ways to survive. Strategize your business in order to have regular customers or else you will be a lost in the crowd.

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