eCourierz — Sending Documents and Parcels to International Destinations has never been easier

Being the eCommerce business involves sending a lot of parcels both internationally and locally. Locally, this issue can be addressed through regional courier service providers which aren’t much of a hassle. But moving on to international shipping, a lot of risk and money is involved even for the smallest volumes of goods. But why should this stop you from expanding and promising? Does this mean you have to stop your business from growing? Does this mean you always have to be worried about your shipment and its tracking? We think not.

In an era where technology is at its pinnacle of success, shipping must equally be smart and quick in order to adapt to the fast paced growth of the entire market. Being involved with the courier so often, you must be well aware that companies such as eCourierz etc. secure the most optimal rates from major courier service providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT etc. and accordingly pass on the rates to you which is naturally much lesser than the standard cost. But were you aware of the fact that you can send documents too for those reduced rates? It’s simple, just answer these:

1. Does the material qualify as a document?

2. Do they together weigh less than a kilo?

3. Will they fit into a standard 335x240mm envelope?

If the answer is yes, then you’re eligible for this! Documents can include certificates, bonds, contracts, passports and so on to over 200 countries and destinations- all at a very reduced cost! You can save time here as well. Documents aren’t usually subjected to a lot of customs clearance, so that means transit times are a lot lesser than general. Some other benefits that you get through this channel are:

• Simple pricing structure

• Express delivery options

• Easy to use, affordable and highly convenient

• Parcels can be sent to almost any global destination

• Online tracking options available

When we consider international parcels, there are some don’ts you need to be aware of:

• Explosives and fireworks are prohibited

• Alcohol, cigarettes are not allowed

• Jewellery is banned

• Cash & traveller’s cheque are banned items

But before you start shipping, make sure you are well aware of the compliances and local tax duties of your destination and fulfil them.