Smart home adoption is rather crawling instead of running towards our homes. The main reason: user experience and security issues. However there is a third important factor — the old technology already installed in our homes and well proven but “un-connectable” to the internet.
One of the best examples are the heating systems in most European homes. A huge number of houses and apartments use water radiators mounted to the wall and controlled with a simple nob that you turn in order to adjust the temperature.

The good news about those old fashioned heaters: They simply work — for years…

Be cozy with eCozy!

We’ve just shipped thermostats to our Indiegogo backers, released the iOS app and now working on releasing the Android app & launching sales via the new website.

We’d like to tell you what eCozy is and why you should care. Tell us your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you!

eCozy allows you to set a custom heating and cooling schedule for each room, manually and through the app. Smart thermostats not only enhance comfort at home, but also save up to 30% on heating (around 600 EUR yearly), primarily by conserving energy when you are away.


Smart Heating Solutions:

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