Introducing eDogecoin: Built With Ethereum. Wow Such ERC20

Wow. eDogecoin ERC20

Today we are very excited to announce a new eDogecoin (EDOGE) which is a secure ERC20 token built with Ethereum. This is a natural progression of leveraging the power of Smart Contracts on Ethereum to extend it to the eDoge Community.

The key advantages of creating eDogecoin via an ERC20 token is safety, scalability, smart contract functionality, and of course compatibility with the vast ecosystem of wallets and service providers supporting the ERC20 standard. To be precise, we actually used the upgraded ERC223 specification. Wow such safer.

Join the 100% Free eDogecoin Airdrop Giveaway

The Community eDogecoin Airdrop is a 100% free giveaway to those that wish to sign-up to receive free EDOGE. If you’re interested in getting your free EDOGE via the upcoming Airdrop (October 30th, 2017) then head on over to the sign-up link here:

Free Community eDogecoin Airdrop Givewaway.

ps. We ask that you sign-up only once, and we will manually verify all sign-ups. Anyone caught cheating by signing with more than one account will be flagged and will receive no EDOGE. We are various anti-fraud techniques to correlate sign-ups and will do our best to ensure a fair distribution to everyone.

Airdrop Distribution and Percentages

eDogecoin is powered by a secure Smart Contract built on Ethereum and has the following distribution and percentage characteristics:

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 (Fixed Supply — Minted Once)

Symbol: EDOGE

Official Name: eDogecoin

Decimals: 18 digits

Contract Source:

Becomes unlocked after 97%+ is Airdropped. Once unlocked, you are free to send, receive and use it with all ERC20 compatible services. It can never be locked ever again and no one has the ability to access your EDOGE except yourself. (See Smart Contract Security features)

Airdrop Giveaway: 97%+

Over 97% of eDogecoin will be distributed for free via the upcoming Community Airdrop (TBD October 2017). We will never accept payment for the Airdrop and it is 100% free to those that wish to sign-up. Less than 3% will be distributed to the creators.

Learn More — Official Site

To learn more about eDogecoin and to answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions, check out the Official Site of eDogecoin at

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