Anime is a DRUG!

Well in my eyes anyway. If you are not a weeaboo/otaku piece of shit please don’t bother trying to understand the feels we have to go through. So does anyone else feel that empty void after completing an anime series and then have to watch a new series to fill that void? If I don't watch anime I feel empty. to stop me from watching anime would be to spin the earth by running, it ain't happening. But the reason I say anime is a drug is because you get addicted to a series and if you finish or stop watching that series you feel incomplete, this then means you need to watch a new series and the cycle continues. After a certain point of watching you have finished all the good dubbed animes which then means one of two things, you wait and suffer for more dubs or you move on to sub which means you have to read sub titles over japanese voices which just makes everything that much shitter. In conclusion fuck anime but its amazing.