Sub vs Dub (My View)

So I need some help here. I don’t understand why people watch subbed animes. The only reason I could gather from all this was that people could not read the text fast enough to keep up and that applies to me to so I just enjoy dubbed more because I understand every word they are saying. Whereas if I was viewing subbed I would not understand one word and on top of that focus all my attention on the bottom and top of the screen. I guess I can’t rip to much on sub because I have not watched enough of it to have a full opinion just enough to know its not for me. So if you come across this post please explain why you like to watch sub or why you like dub more because I am generally curious.

P.S: If you want to see some anime vines go to: its truely entertaining so if you have never watched an anime vine head to that twitter as it has all the good vines on it. (Please note that the twitter is not mine)