Our Lending Platform — Details & Updates

As you may know, we made a poll for our users to choose the future of our platform, and the lending platform won.

We wanted to make a few clarifications about our platform and timely updates:

  • You will use eGold tokens in our platform, we won’t do any token swaps, or extra ICOs. We won’t do any extra airdrops either.
  • We should have the platform ready in 4 weeks, although it may be sooner too. 4 weeks is a safe estimation.
  • We will be sharing extra updates as the development goes, with screenshots of our development.
  • We will do a contest to promote our lending platform development.
  • As most lending platforms, the more eGold you invest, the faster you will have your eGold released. Although, we hope to also create interesting investing plans for smaller investors.
  • You will also have an option to burn your reward. For example, if you invest eGold and get a reward of $3,000, you can activate burn your reward, and it will convert your $3,000 in eGold tokens and burn them, creating a lower supply, raising the price of all other tokens. This can be a very interesting option for those ones holding a big amount of eGold.
  • The biggest lending plan will start from 200,000 eGold, and we are currently planning on bringing many extra opportunities for people holding over this amount of eGold.
  • We will also create an affiliate program for eGold, so that you can recruit other investors and gain a profit from it.

We also keep planning on adding eGold to more exchanges. As today, you can get eGold on EtherDelta, Stocks.Exchange & SouthXchange.

Thank you for making this choice for eGold, we are very excited to see the future of our platform, and we can already see big excitement from our community.

Please keep contacting us with ideas about our platform, we can all make eGold the lending currency of 2018.