November Updates

Dear eGold follower,

After a long working period during the last several months, we realized everything we’ve planned for eGold.

The bookmaking platform Buff88 very soon will be upgraded with new functionalities and new, slick design that’s going to convert visitors into players.

New Design and Updates

Meanwhile, we also upgraded eGold’s website and updated eGold’s whitepaper.

eGold’s new design.

At first, eGold’s idea was to serve only for betting on eSports. But after numerous discussions with our investors and between our team members, we decided that the token EGL will be used for betting not only on eSports but every single gambling activity on Buff88.

What will distinguish Buff88 from other bookmakers in the industry?

We are the first to offer our own cryptocurrency, with which you’ll be able to bet in our bookie.

It’ll tremendously raise the level of players’ gambling experience and reach new heights. It’ll also give you benefits and privileges that no other bookmaker can provide to its users.

With Buff88, the chances of winning and securing profits are much higher than other bookmakers. The bonuses and privileges are much more attractive, too.

The most challenging thing we had to do was to calculate all the formulas related to profits, losses, and cash backs with eGold.

The most important thing — Buff88 is the first bookmaker on a global scale that offers the option to cash back up to 40% of every loss to its users.

This will make the bookie’s popularity go through the ceiling.

Current Situation

Version 2.0 of the platform, together with a new design, is ready.

We’re now discussing with major exchanges about listing of the eGold token (EGL).

This is most likely to happen at the beginning of December, if not earlier.

January will see the implementation of eGold as a deposit and withdrawal method on Buff88.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to raise them below.

eGold’s Team