The Current and Future State of eHarvestHub

Jun 27, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the principles that eHarvestHub was founded on is the idea that food is too valuable to waste. Antiquated methods of tracking food supplies, managing shipping, maintaining integrity, and ensuring distribution are grossly inefficient, and they are causing a critical industry to function well below its potential capacity.

After meeting with industry stakeholders, we launched eHarvestHub in 2011. Since that time, we’ve been busy building a platform that directly connects farmers and truckers. This ambitious marketplace would eliminate the middleman to make the process cheaper and more verifiable. By harnessing the power and potential of blockchain technology, we’ve created a platform that is more beneficial, transparent, and cost-effective.

It’s been an exciting ride, and we are proud of our developments so far. More importantly, we are inspired by the road ahead.

Where We’ve Been

After raising $1.2 million in venture capital investment, we completed our product suite in early 2017, and it’s been fully operational ever since. This process directly connects consumers with farmers, and it’s the impetus for our platforms proliferation. In November 2017, we began testing our blockchain traceability as a pilot program. This was a valuable step in our platform’s growth as it demonstrated its tangible viability in a real world scenario.

With the technology in place and clients successfully participating in the beta platform, we are ready to bring the capabilities of cryptocurrency to bear on the payment component of eHarvestHub.

Where We are Headed

The next chapter will be propelled by our EHH digital token. Using this token, customers can pay for services on the platform, but they can also make direct, P2P transactions with one another.

The ICO event will last for almost a month, and it’s an opportunity for platform participants to attain the most convenient and cost-effective way to complete payments on eHarvestHub. We expect to sell 30 million EHH tokens, and these tokens will propel the platform’s future.

By August, the EHH token will be in circulation and customers can begin using the token to pay for services on the platform. To ensure the token’s continued viability, we offer discounted services when payment is completed using the EHH token.

Because the token’s value is based on demand, by December 2018, we expect farmers in California to produce 150,000 transactions on our platform. In conjunction with our global partners, the eHarvestHub will help facilitate the production and distribution of food around the world. Our existing customer base is expected to generation 1.8 million unique transactions, which has the potential to generate $30 million in revenue for EHarvestHub.

In addition, EHH is preparing to expand its services into Europe. We’ve been invited to meet with European transportation officials, and we are enlivened by the opportunity to bring the same services that we’ve prepared for the U.S. and South America to European farmers and and shipping agents.

This innovative technology is a means to an end. It’s not the end itself. eHarvestHub strives to make independent farms more profitable and to ensure that global food production is not wasted because of logistical snafus or miscommunications. It’s a holistic approach to the food industry, and one that we believe will do a lot of good in the years to come.

In other words, we are excited about our technology because of the tangible benefits that it can produce on the ground. As we enter these final stages of development, we are cognizant of our company’s role in improving one of the most vital industries in the world. It’s a mission that we take seriously, and it’s one that we are ready to tackle.


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