Grays Papaya on 86th St.
A very tiny but very popular hot dog joint in NYC.

Strong dude: Your bag is too big to be in here. Move!
Omar: What’s the problem?
Strong dude: Your fucking bag. Move it!
Omar: Mammmm, calm down. What’s your problem again??
Strong dude: You are my problem. Take your big ass bag outside.
Omar: Mammm, we can all fit in here. You that hungry?!
Strong dude:[cold stare directly into Omar’s eyes].
Omar: He’s definately hangry
Omar: Mamm, calm down and get your food.
Strong dude: ##%&%. .##%…
Omar: [{interupts him}]
Omar: Mammmm!
Omar: Mammmmmmm, calm down
Omar: Calm your tits mammmm!
Strong dude: [confused, gazes at Omar and his friend Justin]
Strong dude: you guys are the women!

Omar: [looks at Strong dudes girlfriend]
Omar: this is the misogynistic asshole you taking home?!?
Strong dude: Don’t you say anything to her. Fight me.
Omar: Mammm…
Strong dudes girlfriend: guys, let’s go outside and talk this over
Strong dudes girlfriend: [puts her arm on Omar ushering him towards the door]
Omar: [looks deep into her eyes]
Omar: Sir, don’t touch me.

The couple mentally exhausted and unable to keep up leave Omar and his friend alone.