2022 — I founded NeuroTrem with a vision to bring to market algorithmic tools that leverage sensory systems to interact with parts of the brain causing debilitating hand tremors common in Parkinson’s and other diseases with fine motor components. More to come.

Dr. eMalick G. Njie

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New research shows that Parkinson’s patients’ tremors can be relieved in Virtual Reality

NEW YORK, 2020–2021. Recent research published in Preprints describes a preclinical study carried out by Dr. eMalick G. Njie and his team at NeuroStorm, Inc together with stoPD, a nonprofit organization focused on the improved health of…

Grays Papaya on 86th St.
A very tiny but very popular hot dog joint in NYC.

Strong dude: Your bag is too big to be in here. Move!
Omar: What’s the problem?
Strong dude: Your fucking bag. Move it!
Omar: Mammmm, calm down. What’s your problem again??
Strong dude: You are my problem. Take…

Dr. eMalick Njie


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