Boost Up Your Restaurant Sales With Upselling and Cross Selling Techniques

Restaurant business is booming. Needless to mention, any eating point is a heavenly corner for the foodies. Evidently, restaurants are well aware of this factor and hence they like to serve their delicacies to the epicureans. Indeed every restaurant has its own special cuisine which is prepared with a motive to meet the fine taste of the gourmets. No doubt, the success of any restaurant is the scrumptiousness of its culinary but at the same time a restaurant also needs to implement certain marketing practices to improve their sales rate. The two of the restaurant marketing methods constitute of Cross selling and upselling techniques.

Cross selling and upselling techniques:

With cross selling and upselling techniques used either in the traditional manner or with the digital ordering technology, restaurants can strategically push less ordered items to lure its guests to order more. In this way, the restaurants try to show they care for their guests in a way that they know their needs and would like to pamper them.

So what exactly do both of these terms mean?

Upselling means increasing the restaurant’s revenue by offering an expensive version to the guest for their original order. It’s the traditional way how a restaurant upsells its items on the menu. On the contrary, cross selling means selling a complementary product with the one that the guest has originally ordered for. While giving food orders at the restaurant, the waiter recommends other dishes such as cold drinks, fruit juices or other side dishes to go with it. It thereby increases the order size/table. However, both are targeted to let guests order for more.

Apparently, when technology meets a sector, the results are almost favorable and the same could be applied to the restaurant businesses too. As restaurants are turning towards digitization, eMenu — the digital ordering system, helps restaurants as well as its guests for a memorable dining experience. The interactive feature of eMenu helps to cross sell and upsell easily.

Let’s have a closer look to both of these terms when being implemented with eMenu.

Upselling with eMenu:

Consider an instance of a restaurant as how upselling works with eMenu. The guest is browsing the eMenu for dessert options and chooses to order the chocolate cup cake. eMenu intelligently asks: “Would you like to order the delicious chocolate cup cake with chocolate sauce poured on it?” The guest has agreed to his suggestion. Here, the restaurant instead of serving the guest with a simple chocolate cupcake, makes a suggestion with a mouthwatering statement and a tempting visual. Now who would like to deny such a tantalizing combination?

Cross selling with eMenu:

While guests browse the eMenu to order for dinner, the restaurants, in order to cross sell, offers specific wine pairings with dinner. When the guest selects a particular item from the menu, the suggested wine pairing selected by the restaurant for the item appears before the guest to help them make the tastiest meal choice.

Similarly, a cross selling tactic using digital technology works in this way: You are browsing the restaurant’s eMenu and placing the order for dinner. Meanwhile a window popups saying “Would you like to order a red wine for yourself?” or something like this — “Order yourself a combo meal for $*** and save $*”. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Yes, it is appealing to many guests. This is how eMenu helps restaurants cross sell its menu items with appealing pictures and mouthwatering item description.

How upselling and cross selling works in accordance with eMenu

With the digital menu, the restaurant alleviates the risk of having a better influence on the guest involvement to do upselling and cross selling. Strategic decision combined with eMenu where the restaurant feeds engaging content and selection of suggestion items, awards the restaurant with impulse purchases at the point of sale. These and many more suggestions to order for an expensive item or an extra item in the menu trigger for a significant increase in the revenue of the restaurant. There are instances when guests don’t come planned as to what they would like to order or even if they know what to order they are not aware about how much to eat. In such cases, eMenu with its intelligent suggestions help guests to make informed choices and earn more revenue. And not to forget to say- a happy and satisfied guest leaving your restaurant with a smile is a sign to come back again!

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