A Tale of Two Writers

>>A modern-day American folk tale by Emma L. Guthrie<<

There once was a blogger. A bright, scholarly chap. He went by the name of Joe.

At first he succeeded, and his fellow bloggers applauded. But then his posting skills slowed.

Joe didn’t understand this befuddling dilemma. He had pages of text that he flaunted and crowed!

In the beginning his blog posts were short.

They began with a topic and followed with the proper support.

As time went on Joe’s posts grew quite long.

He didn’t have spacing and his blog was beginning to go wrong.

He wrote about his day, and the components of life.

He wrote about his dog, his cat, his wife.

One day he noticed, his followers had diminished, what in the world had happened?

Joe secretly wondered if he had messed something up, and if it was time to take action.

His followers thought that his content was great, but soon their heads began to grow sore.

They decided to unfollow his precious blog, because their eyesight soon began to grow poor.

Joe had a friend, her name was Arlene. She also wrote and blog posted.

Her passion was discussing how to write for the web. 
Something Joe should learn, lest he be roasted.

Arlene’s posts were grand. She had tons of followers. She knew how to attract a big crowd.

She had headers, used chunking, and was smart as a whip. “Don’t worry; I’ll help you!” she vowed.

Joe talked to Arlene and complained about life, how his blog had begun to grew poor…

Arlene laughed in his face, and called Joe a disgrace because his blog had become such a bore.

Joe’s emotions sunk down, and she saw his frown. She knew that he was offended.

“Come on Joe, it’s easy, your web writing structure’s the problem, it’s something that can easily be mended!”

Joe wondered out loud, “The structure’s the foul?” and thought about it for a while.

What had he changed? “Hmm… the length grew longer but I stuck to my original style!”

“THAT is the issue!” cried Arlene- A professional web content writer.

“When writing with length you must give the reader some structure, it will make them ditch their highlighter!”

“Gee Whiz” said Joe with a miraculous smile. “What else is there to know?”

“Well”, said Arlene, with a smug satisfaction, it’s important to let readers know…

About: Topics, and headers, and page breaks alike, let them know where your post is going…

With these wise tactics you will get your readers reposting and soon your seeds they’re re-sowing.

“That’s called ‘linking’” said Joe with a smart-assy smirk. He know he had outdone Arlene.

He used a term she had vaguely brushed over, his comment made him feel quite keen.

“Why yes Joe you’re right!” Said Arlene with a smile. Her face lit up like a tomato.

Keep this in mind Joe, and your followers will love you by structuring your text flow!

“I understand” said Joe with a grin. I will use topics, and headers and the upside-down pyramid style.

“Your readers will like it and followers will increase” by using this technique all the while.

Moral of the Story: When using improper web-writing techniques, your viewers will soon become bored. They will lose focus, and time with your text. Their eyes will become very sore. Be like Arlene. She knew what was up. She wrote for the web- tried and true. Her viewers were happy. She liked to help others- a great example for both me and you.

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