Here’s a scenario…

To distribute this particular product/service nationally you’d need to have premises in every single town and city in the UK. Not just that, but you’ll choose prime spots in high streets and town centres that cost the highest rents. Each one will have multiple people employed and there will be cars too. Lots of flash cars.

When you pitch for a deal there is at best a 50% chance that your company will get chosen by the customer. But the pitch will take an hour or more, in their home so, plus travelling time. Once you have…

Three months ago it was preposterous to think that the Labour party membership would be so antagonistic as to elect a man to its leadership that would swerve them so far to the left that it would make Michael Foot look like one of Nigel Farage’s drinking buddies.

But happen, it has. And now that Corbyn is at the head of the second biggest political party in Westminster with an albeit vague shout for the top job in the land in 2020, what could this mean for the UK property market?

A Corbynian future would certainly see our energy companies…

eMoov Crowdfunding tube ad

On Tuesday my company,, launched a £1m crowdfunding round. This is a blog about why the raise money quickly became (almost) secondary.

We’re a start-up, one of those promising companies that seeks to change the world through disrupting an industry steeped in inertia and Dickensian glory. In our case it’s an online approach to estate agency, ‘We’re showing estate agents the door’, as a certain creative type recently suggested as our rather clever strapline.

We’re ‘in growth mode’ and we consume cash. So we’re raising more.

And so, having considered and utilised other means of fundraising, I set on…

Innovation: It ain’t all tech

The Team

My rather brilliant team are busy re-inventing estate agency right now. Using technology, we’re on a mission to transform a rather crap and costly experience (traditionally) into something that might even entice UK home sellers to like their estate agent. Stranger things may have happened.

In a jiffy you’ll be able to log in to your listing on the platform and change your property’s price so that it propagates on the major UK property portals instantly, 24/7. …

News bubbles up from the froth of the gutter of annoyance today that MPs are to receive a 10% pay rise.

Which got me thinking that such a teeth gritting implausibility is much like London house prices.

They just got a lot more expensive but for what?

Both anomalies, property values that accelerate ever out of reach and politicians representing good value, are bogus. Most would argue.

I don’t have a brain soothing set of reasonings, statistics or pre-suppositions to share with you here but just a thought…

Isn’t life bloody unfair. And annoying.

The irony is of course that the higher wages now awarded to our parliamentarians (who work in London) will maybe further push up London house prices?

Wow. That REALLY sucks.

Foxtons Brixton

Since the Anglo Saxon tribes of old England first exchanged pebbles for mud huts, estate agents have been detested as a profession.

The perception of dishonesty and inefficiency, indeed laziness and arrogance, that surrounds the label is well documented. Certainly here in the UK where successive surveys place estate agents as lower in the pecking order of humanity than tabloid journalists (even in the wake of the hacking scandal); traffic wardens and bankers.We love to hate estate agents.

But why? Why are those young men and women that put themselves between a buyer and seller to ‘help’ things along, so…

‘Customer service is not part of our job. It IS our job’ Russell Quirk, CEO

Whilst our high street competitors view customer service as something that is achieved simply by deigning to answer the telephone sometimes, our online peers have certainly joined us in understanding that delivering a great experience is paramount. As a web based business, demonstrable and genuine accolades of such prowess are pretty important in cutting through to the sceptical consumer.

Competition amongst online estate agents to be the best is pretty intense. Most achieve a decent level of customer satisfaction according to the various third…

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO of online estate agents. A Top 10 customer service company nationally. Property expert. FT Global Disruptor.

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