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eMusic Live offers commercial respite for those hit hardest by the pandemic

What do you picture when you think about live music? For many of us it will be the sounds, the visuals, the stage. …

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Change begins at the infrastructure level

Given all the change in recent years, it is easy to forget that the launch of the digital age was not so very long ago. Digital music files opened the door to new ways to consume music, which, within a few years, gave way to streaming services, each step offering unprecedented access to songs and albums to more people in more places. However, the current system has also brought with it an excess of middlemen, centralization, and archaic reporting technology which has driven costs through the roof, and squeezed artist earnings to a minimum.

So how do we use technology to reinvent the industry and give artists the fair pay they deserve? This is where blockchain emerges as a means to solve the problems inherent in music distribution, monetization and fan-artist interactions. …

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Today eMusic becomes the first major music service to launch a digital token (eMU), creating a unique opportunity to build a sustainable music ecosystem to the benefit of artists, fans, and music services

Music fans can now purchase eMU tokens on digital asset exchange Bibox, one of the world’s leading sites for buying and trading digital tokens. The tokens can be used immediately to buy your favorite songs from your favorite artists on the eMusic service. It is the first of many features that will bring life to eMusic’s vision of a fair and sustainable music ecosystem.

What is the eMU token?

Based on blockchain technology, the eMU is a secure and decentralized form of digital currency that makes payments to artists more efficient and transparent. It allows music artists to keep more of the royalties they earn for purchases and plays as well as real-time visibility into how their music is being consumed and by whom. …



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