5 Ways eSight Helps People with Macular Degeneration

Yvonne Felix (left) and eSight user Julia Lewis (right) at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Ont.

By Yvonne Felix, eSight User and User Community Coordinator

When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with a juvenile form of macular degeneration called Stargardt disease. I was too young to realize how greatly this would impact my life, but as I got older, a blind spot grew in the centre of my vision. I lost the ability to see faces and when I started my family, I realized I wouldn’t ever be able to see what my children look like.

All this changed when I got my eSight. I was so excited about being able to see that I started working for the company shortly after I got my pair. I wanted to get the word out about the eyewear to other people with low vision.

We have had amazing successes with people with macular degeneration. If you have this condition, here’s how eSight can help you see:

1) It opens up your central vision: The eyewear has allowed me to finally see through my blind spot. I can finally look directly at something and see it!

2) It lets you see details: Normally, I cannot clearly see anything — my blind spot blocks my vision and everything around my blind spot is very blurry. eSight fills in all the blurry and blank spots and allows me to see all the details of life, from the leaves on a flower to the texture of a shirt.

3) It is great for reading: I have seen many people with low vision walk into our office saying they have never been able to read only to try the glasses and read as well as 20/20! Just about every piece of literature — online and on paper — becomes easily readable with eSight. The magnifier allows you to zoom in up to 14 times, and you can even adjust the contrast and the colours to make reading easier.

4) It allows you to see facial expressions: Before getting my eSight, I never would’ve dreamed of being able to look at my friends and family and seeing them smile. Now that I can see faces, I can interact with people better, as I can pick up all the visual cues everyone else does.

5) It lets you be independent: I had never felt more in control when I tried eSight and realized how many things I can do on my own now that I can see — I love to shop, and now, I can walk around and actually read the price tags!

If you have macular degeneration or another eye condition, eSight may be for you — fill out our Next Steps form to try our eyewear.