Tyler Moore: eSight Viewing of “Dancing with Rage”

I was fortunate enough to be able to secure a ticket to the recent production of Dancing with Rage. This ticket was part of a group package with my alumni association, so I was not aware of where I was being seated. That being said, I had no worries since I had eSight with me. I was seated approximately nine rows back from the stage.

The seats were angled which made it easier to see. The star, Mary Walsh, suffered a leg injury in a previous performance which caused the show to be modified. Dancing with Rage is a one woman show that has lots of custom changes, and moving around. The performance instead consisted of Mary doing character voices from a wheelchair. Besides the voice changes, and her expressiveness there were no other visual cues of who was who. In this regard eSight was great. I could see Mary’s face clearly and follow her hand movements even despite the changes to the show. It was great fun!

It was interesting to be able to watch her hand movements when she made an error or went on a side-tracked anecdote, since it gave a visual cue or a bit of clue as to how she had modified the production as the show progressed. Everyone uses body language but it was really apparent how important it is in some cases, and eSight allowed me to see this.

A really fun moment in the show consisted of Mary Walsh using a portable shredder. She had a small shredder and would shred paper cut-outs of politicians. It was really fun to be able to zoom in and watch the politicians get sliced up!

Being able see everything the way I did through eSight was another amazing experience.

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