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En route lock screen

You may have been running out of gas by the end, but I felt you missed some points in the lock screen section. Google maps, as far as I can tell, does ignore the lock screen timeout. If you manually shut off the phone screen, Google will use push notifications, with audio instructions, but on the lock screen you’ll only see a small text description, which is of little use while driving. In this regard, Apple has a big advantage in being a 1st party developer; they have access to the lock screen in ways 3rd party devs do not. I haven’t used Android in a couple years, but I’m curious if Google does something similar with their lock screen on Android.

Overall, an excellent comparison and breakdown. Aside: In defense of Apple Maps’ data, recently while driving to my mom’s house in the middle of nowhere in northern WI, I had to use Apple maps to navigate (I never lived in this town, and I only get there once or twice a year and was coming from a different direction than normal, so yeah I needed directions to my mom’s house!) because Google couldn’t find the address, no matter how I searched! Which is strange, because it used to be able to.

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