Current Hearthstone Meta as of April 15th 2017

With the intoeduction of Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Journey to Ungoro, the meta has seemed to have slowed down, for now. I am going to go through my personal tier lists of the most popular decks on ladder

Top tier decks(Easiest to climb the ladder with)

Crystal Core Quest Rogue- This deck has been running rampant on ladder since the launch of the expansion. The deck seeks to play cheap minions early and then bounce them back to their hand with cards like Gadgetzan Ferryman, Youthful Brewmaster, and Shadowstep. Personally I think it is entirely to easy to complete the quest, and the bounce mechanic can be noninteractive and unenjoyable to play against. With minons like Stonetusk Boar(yeah who would have thought that card would be great) and Southsea Deckhand, it makes bursting your opponent down once the quest is complete an easy task. I am hoping for changes to the quest, like making it maybe 5 or 6 minions with the same name to make the quest a little harder to complete.

Great matchups(Time Warp Mage, Elemental Shaman)

Pirate Warrior- The hyper-aggressive deck that rose to fame during Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is still a force to be reckoned with on ladder. In part, Pirate Warrior is still seeing so much success because of all of the experimentation that is curently happening on ladder. Many of these decks are experimental, slow, and unrefined, which is a Pirate Warrior’s wet dream. Turns out curving out extremely powerful minons and mana effiecient weapons is still good in the current meta of Hearthstone

Great matchups(Time Warp Mage, Crystal Rogue, and Murloc Shaman)

Taunt Warrior- The new warrior quest requires that you play 7 taunt minions, and your reward is basically playing Ragnaros every turn…for two mana. Warrior received a few good taunt minions in the form of Ornery Direhorn, and Direhorn Hatchling. Other great taunt minions were added in Ungoro, including Primordial Drake, and Tar Creeper. With the addition of all these minions, it allows the Taunt Warrior to curve out several high health taunt minions on curve that make it very difficult to deal with throughout the match.

Great matchups(Zoo Warlock, Aggro Druid, and Time Warp Mage)

Midrange Hunter- During Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Hunter was close to unplayable on ladder at ranks 20 or higher. Journey to Ungoro gave Hunter a few more tools to help it succeed against some of the more aggro decks on ladder in the form of Crackling Razormaw, Jeweled Macaw, and Nesting Roc. The deck is all about curving minions out on curve, with the ultimate goal getting board control and never conceeding it once it is obtained, and chipping down your opponents health and then finishing them off with a huge Scavenging Hyena.

Great matchups(Time Warp Mage, Deathrattle Priest, Murloc Shaman)

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