Hearthstone Global Games(HGG) April 12th 2017

As you may know, the Heartstone Global Games are going on right now, and it features 48 different countries in 8 different groups. Todays match-ups featured Norway vs Finland, USA vs Great Britain, Canada vs France, Ukraine vs Germany, and the Netherlands vs Romania.

The first match-up I’d like to discuss, is the United States vs Great Britain series. The first match was Amnesiac’s Elemental Jade Shaman going against Georgec’s Miracle Rogue. From turn 2 Amnesiac take the tempo away from Georgec and snowballs the board control into a strong mid game strategy, and then the final nail in the coffin, the double Volcano to take out Georgec’s all in Vancleef secures Amnesiac the game. Firebat plays everyone’s favorite deck, Pirate Warrior, against Jambre’s Elemental Shaman. As with most Pirate Warrior matches, the win went to Firebat essentially after turn 2 and was wrapped up shortly after that. The third and final match was Dog’s Aggro Token Druid against Greensheep’s Midrange Hunter. the early game is pretty stagnant aside from GreenSheep playing a Hyena, but it just gets annihilated by Patches. Then Finja is played by Dog and it just swings the entire game into Dog’s favor and the game ends two turns later. Unfortunately for our friends across the pond, they take a loss of 0–3.

The next match that I’d like to highlight for you all, is the the Netherlands vs Romania match, which features the likes of Tyler, Thijs, and Rdu. The matchup that kicked it all off, was Tylers Elemental Shaman going up against Hannibalz’s Jade Druid. The game starts off extremely slow, with no major minions being played in the first 5 turns. Getting into the next few turns, Tyler just gets a huge board that Hannibalz could not deal with, and Tyler secures the win with Drawing Kalimos off of his Servant a few turns later. The problem with Hannibalz, was that he drew his deck in a very awkward manner, by drawing his ramp later in the game, when it is much less effective. The second matchup was Mitsuhide’s Aggro Token Druid going up against the new “Miracle” Priest deck, that features Lyra and Radiant elementals. The game ends quite quickly with a turn 6 double Savage Roar kills Rdu from 17 life. The final matchup is Thijs’ Midrange Beast Hunter going against xTrackystyle’s Pirate Warrior. This game is decided in the mulligan. Thijs has two Golakka Crawlers in his hand, and is able to destroy xTrackystyle’s pirates, and takes the board over from there. Thijs swiftly defeats xTrackystyles by turn 6 by developing a Hyena on the turn prior.

This is my first article, hope you all like it.

Zach Robinson

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