Get The Right Insurance

Hi guys. Today is Insurance Awareness Day, and I wanted to give you 2 quick tips in this 60-second video. Number One. When you’re buying insurance, do not be tempted to get the cheapest insurance. Have a look at the fine details.

For example, every insurance policy will have the maximum single item that is covered if something got lost, damaged, or stolen, and that is often very low for some of the items we take.

For example, you take an iPhone that can be £900. If it gets lost or stolen, and your insurance is only covering you up to £150, £250 — which is very common — you would not be able to get that back. So please, do check those fine details.

Number Two — this is particularly if you get an annual insurance policy. If you get sick or unwell in any way during the time of your cover, or before travel, make sure that you inform your insurer that you’ve fallen sick.

I had a situation where I hurt my foot, and unfortunately needed further medical attention whilst I was in America. I informed my insurer before I travelled that I had hurt my foot, and they confirmed that I was covered.

But they did say that if I hadn’t spoken to them beforehand, I would not have been covered. That would have cost me personally $12,000. So it’s a really worthwhile tip — make sure you inform your insurer of any changes to your medical condition. Hope these tips help! Many thanks.

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