Three Top Tips for Top Tinder Safety

In the modern world, speed is the driving force behind everything. The pace at which new technology is developed is dictating the pace at which we live; as our phones and laptops and internet connections get faster, our lives get faster too.

Enter Tinder: the pacesetter in the world of fast dating. As of December 2016, the mobile dating app had been downloaded approximately 100 million times, and boasted 26 million matches every single day.

Easy to use, and supported by an ever-growing number of users, Tinder has taken dating into the 21st Century.

With any form of dating, there are going to be safety concerns that need addressing, and dating with Tinder is no different. At eTravelSafety, we want you to be able to go and do the things that excite you, while staying safe at the same time, so here are three simple, but very effective tips for staying safe while you use Tinder.

Never Give Out Personal Details

When you sign up for Tinder, you’re asked to give some basic information, like your name, age and height. These details are fine to provide (and compulsory for the app), although some people might feel uneasy giving their full name — you can just provide your first name if that makes you feel more comfortable.

However, it is never advisable to give out personal information such as your address or bank details. Providing these details, particularly if you haven’t met the person yet, can make you an easy target for scammers, stalkers, or other people who might wish you harm.

Only Meet Your Date In A Public Place

The right setting can make or break a date — but should you sacrifice your safety for an idyllic setting?

Hopefully, wherever you are in the world, you can find a whole host of great places to have a great time. We all know that where you have your date can go a long way to determining if it’s a successful date or not.

However, regardless of the quality of the location, ALWAYS make sure you meet your date in a public place, with people around who would be able to notice (and potentially intervene) should your date try to do something that would put you in danger.

If the person you are matched with wants to meet you in a hotel room or at their house, we would always advise you to refuse, and try to arrange a meeting somewhere public, and to organise your own transport to get there.

Let People Know About Your Date — And Update Them!

Now, we realise this somewhat spoils the post-date de-brief you would normally have with your friends, but this might just be one of the most important parts of Tinder-based safety.

Letting trusted people know where you are, and where you’re going, is an essential part of your personal safety

By simply telling someone you trust where you’re going, how long you expect to be there, and messaging them with any changes and updates, they can respond as quickly as possible if something does happen.

So there you have it! By using these simple tips, you can go out, enjoy yourself, but stay safe all at the same time. This isn’t an exhaustive list — there are other steps you can take to be even safer whilst you use Tinder, but these three tips are great first steps to help keep you as safe as possible.

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