Tracking Is Not The Travel Safety Solution You Need

The world is more connected now than it has ever been before. The restless nature of technology has pioneered a culture of global digital communication that, coupled with the juggernaut of social media, has consigned the concept of geographic restrictions to ancient history.

Businesses now have a digital reach that only 10 years ago would have been inconceivable. With these resources has come the need to utilise them. All the evidence available points to the fact that business travel is a continually growing industry.

In 2015, global business travel spending reached $1.2 trillion. In 2016, this increased to $1.3 trillion. Looking just at the United States for a moment, between 2011 and 2016, business travel spending grew by a staggering 17% from $250 billion to $292.5 billion.

Unfortunately, this growth in business travel has coincided with the increase in terrorist attacks and criminal activity we have seen globally. Now more than ever, Travel Safety should be an essential part of your company’s policies and procedures.

Ensuring the safety of your employees, workers and volunteers is your legal and moral responsibility.

Perhaps the easiest way of knowing that your people are safe is to know where they are. This is certainly true; if you know where your people are, or where they’re going, you can build an accurate picture of the risks they face in their travels, and can provide them with the necessary skills, tools and learning to keep them safe as they travel.

At present, you would normally be advised that tracking is the most effective solution for your business. Having constant knowledge of where your employees are may seem like a good thing; and from the perspective of the security manager, it most definitely is.

However, for the traveller, it is enormously inconvenient and, ultimately, counter-productive.

For both security and productivity, having a working phone is imperative for any business traveller — especially whilst travelling overseas. Tracking, for all its benefits to the security manager, will drain the battery and consume the data of your employee’s phone faster than you might think.

In almost no time at all, the business traveller can go from having a fully-functioning mobile device to having no way to contact anyone, arrange transportation, or find their way should they get lost: all because of continuous tracking services.

In your effort to keep your people safe, you will very quickly place them in danger by removing their only true point of contact with you.

The time has come — and in fact, probably came some time ago — to look beyond tracking as a Travel Safety solution. The principle behind tracking is sound, but the practical hindrances of using tracking mean that your business needs to find other solutions.

At eTravelSafety, we are leveraging ground-breaking thought leadership to provide you and your business with the very best Travel Safety solutions. Over the next weeks and months, we will be releasing a range of apps that will help to keep your people safe wherever they travel.

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