How To Help Businesses Succeed Online — eWay Corp Curated Strategies

Here are some curated strategies and explanation for businesses and agencies that are struggling to meet their online objectives. We at eWay Corp always starts our efforts by getting as much data and insights from the business owner getting business info, expectations and online goals. Then our team will heavily analyse those data/info and do extensive research to gather more data to analyse and build an ideal approach and strategies to be able to meet the business online goals.

Understand What Type of Business Are You Handling or Have

There are 3 types of business categories that are the big players in the online market, Service Based, Product Based and Web Based. Big or small we should always understand what type of business are we handling or have. Here are 3 videos explaining a quick tip overview of what should we focus on doing for each of the business categories mentioned above:

What phase of the business development process is your business right now?

Based on the video above there are steps mentioned and where do you think your business stands? Planning? Website Development? Market? or Selling Stage?

As our standard process we bridge and loop planing, development, market and selling phase. Our only end point is the reporting and analysis phase which is not mentioned in the view. After we analyse the reports and marketing data we develop another new and more improved strategies then we benchmark current data starting the next marketing phase.

As we kick start the marketing efforts we benchmark previous data then analyse digital metrics analytics and sales data if we have improve or meet the online objectives of the business comparing a before and after data then benchmark the current data to start another marketing campaign with new improved strategies until the business spends X amount for marketing and advertising but gains XXXXXXXX amount ROI. It’s an on-going process which will cost the business time and money….

Measure, Analyse and Decide the next step for the business.

Based on our process explained above, it is how a business measures improvements and to know whether doing another contract to further improve business sales or target new online objectives to increase branding reach and lead generation rate. If your business gone through a timeline of marketing efforts and still have not improvements and ROI here are the questions we need to consider:

Does your efforts really targets the business objectives?
Does your marketing and advertising budget not enough?
Does your website not optimised to meet the business objectives?
What are your competitors doing that you’re not?
Is the business marketing provider effective or not efficient enough to get your business to be competitive online?
Is my service or products quality and pricing fit to the online market or target demographics?
Are we targeting the wrong demographics, objectives or goals?

The Basics WILL SURELY Make A Difference

Here are basic strategy that we are strongly recommend and implement for every business we handle no matter what type of business it is:

With the exlpained basic stratgies and effort in the video, we doubt that your business marketing report data will have no improvements.. We’ve done a couple of case studies and compared the data, 90% of the results generated a visibility in SERPS improvements. Visibility always converts into positive results which 80% of the time inclines with the business goals and objectives. So whether you’re a marketer, agency or business owner we hope that this post have impact some insights and tips that you can implement to help online business succeed.