Smart Car

Make your cheap car “smart” for cheap

If you are like I am, then you are probably also driving in a small cheap car (a Citroën C1, lol). Of course you have already noticed that all other cars have some next level technology built in it. The possibility to connect your phone by bluetooth and continue listen to your music or have a call. Or even browsing through apps and messages with the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Instead of a $1000 dashboard system… can we easily make the car more “smart” for a much cheaper price?

So what does your car need to support?
- AUX input
- Standard power input (for cigarette stuff)

If your car doesn’t support AUX, then here is a YouTube tutorial about how to install AUX input to your car. This will only costs you a lot of time and $3:

What else do I need?
- A “Bluetooth receiver” with some controls
- Probably you will also get an AUX cable to connect the bluetooth receiver to the car

For example I have got one of these from ebay (you can browse around if you can find it for a cheaper price):

Including an awesome steering wheel controller. You can pick up phone calls, play/pause/skip music and that kind of things wireless to control your phone.

Okay, it is now more smart, but not that awesome yet. So I guess smart phone + car = smart car. Add an universal phone holder for $3 and you can even use this as a car navigator. Wow, mind=blown. For example, cheap from China:

Conclusion. You can transform your cheap car into a smart car just for 13$. Well, it’s not a Tesla car yet…