Best Way To Make Your Website (no coding required)

There are a million ways to make your site. Today I want to recommend what I believe to be the fastest, cheapest, highest quality, easiest option to do so.

You can make a professional website in one afternoon, for ~$100/year, without writing any code.

There are a ton of tools out there, but the key is finding the right combination. My recommendation is using these two tools and five steps:

Step 1 — Buy domain at Google Domains

Step 2 — Pick Template at Wix

A few Wix templates.

Step 3 — Upgrade your account to be able to use your custom domain, and publish your site.

Note: Do NOT connect the custom domain yet.

Step 4— Go back to Google Domains and in the website tab connect to your Wix account. You will have to wait a few minutes and then you can visit your site and see your template.

Click on the “Configure website” option.
Connect your Wix website.

Step 5 — Customize your content.

Note: If you are going to pay someone to help you with your website, I recommend hiring a copywriter for this part rather than a developer for the steps above.

It is super important to do things in this order to avoid having to deal with more technical details.


  • Fastest: You can do this in an afternoon.
  • Cheapest: The total cost of this approach (minus content creation) is around $180/year, but it could be as low as $72/year. This is around the cost of one hour of development.
  • Highest Quality: You are getting all the benefits of an engineering team building most of the features that you will likely need.
  • Easiest: You can make all the changes yourself and as often as you need at no extra cost.


  • Support: You won’t have a developer/team for support.
  • Features: You will only have the basic features that apply to all sites.

Hopefully, this helps you get your website out there. If you need help feel free to reach out to us for support.

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