MVP — Minimal Viable Product

There’s a lot to learn about and a lot to say about MVPs, but here I’ll keep it simple.

Our Definition

An MVP is the first version of the product users can get value from.

To build an MVP we need to select the most-essential features to launch your product sooner rather than later. An MVP is a cost-effective approach to software development. You create a working product that embodies your core idea for testing and user feedback and avoid the distraction of unnecessary features.

Here is a good illustration.

Suggested Rules of Thumb

Things we SHOULD include:

  • Authentication: most apps need to be customized to be useful.
  • Core Function: ONE path you will enable for your users to get value from the product.
  • Tracking: different forms of tracking allow us to learn from our user behavior.
  • Feedback: we should give users a chance to tell us what they think.

Things we SHOULDN’T include (unless they are core to the value add):

  • Supporting: the features of the app that are not critical to the main user path.
  • Obvious: this is a bit counter-intuitive, but features you will eventually have to build, and users will expect, but aren’t in the core function path should be punted on.

Our MVP Mentality

We focus on creating value for your users as quickly as possible. It is not useful to compare yourself to products built by companies who have raised millions to expand their product. Speeding up development for us is reducing quantity not quality of features. Bigger companies have the bandwidth to do more, but they also set the ever increasing standard for design that we should meet with our MVP. If we focus on the essentials, we can use your MVP to give value to users, show off this value to investors, and then raise millions to expand on it to scale. At this point, you should be giving users enough value that they are looking forward to the rest of the app rather than not using you because you are missing some features. If the later is happening, you need to rethink, review, retarget, and retest. Once you get this right, you will have product-market fit before even finishing your product.

Do you want help or guidance through this process? We provide structural support for this process as well as technical services that help you move forward with your idea quickly. Here is a list of our services. If you want to learn more don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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