On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

This is an obvious pro-Hillary hit job. A majority of what I read wasn’t even bad and if anything showed Bernie could have been much worse if he had a character like 99.9% of Congress. You also need to consider that most Americans were complacently fat and not hungry for real progressive change during the past 40 years until the 2008 crash. That said, they’ll be kicking down their representatives door to work with Bernie in order to achieve meaningful change even though I still admit it won’t be easy and maybe even not achievable given how crooked congress is on both sides. At least Bernie and Trump sound alarm bells to the most ridiculous shit happening in this country, Hillary is only doing it to a small degree because Bernie is forcing her too. Did you see the Elizabeth Warren interview where she talks about how Hillary vehemently opposed the bankruptcy legislation that helped the banks but then mysteriously supported and signed the bill a couple years later? Yes. Hillary is owned and has proven such. This Hillary hitman then goes on to destroy his credibility more by saying most of Hillary’s speaking fees went to charity. Yes, her charity…. Her charity than can buy private jets, her charity that can buy anything and spin it as an expense. I’d like to see how much of that charity money went to a charity she didn’t control, probably zero.

The fact that Bernie’s net worth is under a million is all the evidence I need to know that he has more integrity in his pinky finger than Hillary has in her entire body. He has forced her to take positions she never would have taken otherwise if she had ran unopposed. Bernie may not be perfect, but he’s definitely better than Hillary any day of the week. And as far as the attack in Bernie being sexist goes, that’s a stretch. He wrote a fiction piece while this so-called author wants you to think Hillary was hitting the pavement for racial equality. That is laughable considering Hillary was a Goldwater Girl while Bernie can be seen in sit-down protests with MLK… The true dishonest person is Hillary for allowing her camp to hire an author to write a hit piece like this and act like the author used to be for Bernie until he miraculously discovered how great Hillary was and how horrible Bernie was. This article, for reasons stated, is mostly Bullshit.

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