The Brief

Brewster is an app that enables beer enthusiasts to explore and try local craft beer and breweries. The core purpose of the app is to bring local breweries to the spotlight and to increase awareness of craft brewing.

The Team:

While the popularity of shopping local is steadily growing, local shops are predicted to lose $1.6 billion in retail sales to other online retailers and American-owned companies. Reports released by Vanity found the independent retailers in Canada (both large and small) have a poor online presence, making Canada a prime target for foreign e-tailers. The way consumers shop is changing. Along with increased purchases being made online, dollars are increasingly “digitally influenced” through product research and deal comparisons online. …

Attaverse is a social venture to commercialize a research project that has been underway for the last six years. The company is now part of Blockchain@UBC and is involved in two on-going research projects with UBC.

The intent is to empower the creation of social impact solutions that bring agency, equality, and inclusiveness in a growable and dynamic way to changemakers, innovators, and their beneficiaries in the digital realm that will drive a new economy.


The goal was to create a website that addressed the perks of what Attaverse can do and how it empowers society as a whole. This…

This is a case study of my third project as part of the RED Academy User Experience Designer Professional program. Our client, GoGram, applied and was selected through the community partnership program with RED Academy.


Currently, GoGram is acquiring a greater amount of clients seemingly on a daily basis through word-of-mouth, Instagram, Facebook, and Fiverr marketing. Our company is called GoGramApp — “App” because we ultimately want to be used primarily on smartphones — with a web version as well. Our primary need is partnering up with some RED Academy students to help us develop our app. …

This is a case study that outlines the process and steps that I took on my first project as a student at RED Academy’s UX design professional program. This study will showcase how an idea to solve a problem turned into “Make Me Something” — an app that helps people discover and create recipes that suit any lifestyle.

The Opportunity

Our first week project started out with us partnering up with a classmate and using their background and experiences to identify an problem that was to be addressed in the form of a mobile app. We were given free range with this…

Elliot Mayer

A UX designer from Vancouver who loves coffee, design and everything in between.

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