CNA Sept. 21

Obama encourages Americans to give up some liberties for safety

In his most recent UN appearance, Pres. Barack Obama lauded Americans to sacrifice some of their freedoms in order to enhance national security. He suggested “binding ourselves to international rules” would enhance American security in the long term. Obama also denounced aggressive nationalism.

Rioters attack drivers, loot Wal-mart

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a man was shot by a police officer. The suspect was armed and evidently posed an imminent threat to police. Protesters subsequently blocked Interstate 85, looting and setting fire to trucks, and looting a nearby Wal-mart; at least twelve police officers were injured.

Obama birth certificate still under investigation

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is investigating the possibility of a forged birth certificate belonging to Pres. Barack Obama. Arpaio claims no affiliation with Trump’s recent comments on the matter. He has stated, however, that he will not give up the investigation yet.

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