The e-Money token presale has started

e-Money A/S
Feb 19 · 3 min read

Following more than 3 years of development, we’re excited to announce that launch of the service is imminent and registration for the NGM token presale has started.

Please register your interest at

The story so far…

In late 2016 the two founders of, Martin Dyring-Andersen and Henrik Aasted Sørensen discovered and joined the early Cosmos ecosystem.

Both being technologists, the promise of interoperability, scalability and finality immediately attracted them: fiat payments on blockchain, at scale and for every day payments, would finally be possible.

A year later in July 2017, they incorporated Block Finance A/S as a stock corporation in Copenhagen. This marked the beginning of a group of companies operating in the blockchain space, a venture in which they were quickly joined by Marianne Schmidt Nellemann.

Marianne presenting at the DLA Piper conference on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing

With more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, Marianne brought highly valuable knowledge to the team.

Leading up to the Cosmos Hub launch in March 2019, the team participated as “” in the Gaia testnets. This resulted in a prominent position in the Game of Stakes closing ceremony.

Important milestones

Since the Cosmos Hub launch, the team has directed its energy at launching, passing significant milestones including:

  • Designing and implementing the first “fiat stablecoin” project that can sustainably support currencies in any interest environment, including challenging ones such as the Euro, Yen and Swiss Franc which offer near-zero interest.
  • Introducing a novel model for reward sharing to owners of the e-Money staking token (“NGM”): The annual 1% inflation on currency-backed tokens is distributed pro-rata to these.
  • Implementing the token model using the Cosmos SDK, in addition to a strategically important decentralised exchange (DEX).
  • Securing the necessary banking relationships to issue EUR, CHF, DKK, SEK and NOK-backed tokens at launch.
  • Contracting with Ernst&Young to audit the group of companies and provide periodic proof-of-funds for currency-backed tokens.
  • Obtaining a sound regulatory footing through heavy investments in legal advisors: DLA Piper and Camphausen|Co have helped develop a compliant and future-proof model for the currency-backed tokens.
  • Successfully launching 5 testnets and building a 35+ strong validator set.
  • Contracting with Certik to conduct a security audit of the codebase.
  • Developing in-house market making capabilities to provide liquidity on the DEX as well as partner exchanges.
  • Staying completely self-funded.

Following the successful completion of the security audit, launch of mainnet will proceed as planned along with the token presale.

The road ahead

Following mainnet launch, we will enter an expansion phase focusing on adoption through partnerships and offering a wider range of currencies.

The NGM token is designed specifically to incentivise partnerships, strengthen our community and provide financing for the expansion phase.

Following mainnet launch we will focus on:

  • Accelerating expansion in the number of supported currencies and regulatory regimes, such as North American and Asian currencies.
  • Stepping up marketing efforts to drive community growth and adoption.
  • Materialise further partnerships with banks, networks, exchanges, wallet providers, integrators, etc.

Revenue model for NGM tokens

The revenue from staking NGM tokens come from two sources: transaction fees and a markup on the currency-backed tokens.

Transaction fees can be paid with NGM or in any of the currency-backed tokens and we expect trading activities on the DEX to be the primary source of these.

The markup consists of an annual 1% inflation on each currency-backed token. The markup is applied continuously and distributed pro-rata to staked NGM token holders.

In short, the rewards that are distributed to staked NGM tokens tie directly to the amount of issued currency-backed tokens.

The model eliminates the reliance on transaction costs to sustain operations. This aligns with the design goals of Cosmos Hub and the Internet of Blockchains, as the currency-backed tokens can move freely across zones.

Learn more

There are numerous ways to learn more about the project. To get a quick overview of the project and its use-cases, visit

Further reading:

We also invite you to ask any questions in our Telegram group.

e-Money A/S

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