What Does a Domestic Water Booster Pump Do?

Many of us take the water pressure in our homes for granted. We assume that when we turn on a faucet we will get a strong, full flow of water. But this isn’t true in every home — and if your house suffers from low water pressure, you’ll definitely notice the difference. Low water pressure means less flow rate at any sink, faucet or appliance and it affects how long it takes to do anything involving water. This is when you may consider having a domestic water booster pump installed.

A domestic water booster pump is simply a pump system that increases water pressure and flow rate in your home. These are small, modern pumping systems that are an easy one-day install and will make a difference every time you need water.

Some of the problems that may call for a water booster pump include:

• Takes too long to fill the tub. Low flow rate means that filling the tub can take five to ten minutes or more, even for a shallow bath for an infant. This also affects water temperature, as water has cooled by the time the tub is full.

• No shower pressure. Who wants to shower under a trickle? This is almost always a pressure problem.

• Not getting good laundry results. Laundry machines need to fill with water to do their job. Low flow rate could mean it takes longer to do a load or that the laundry machine doesn’t even do a good job of cleaning and rinsing clothing.

• Hard to water the lawn. The best spray nozzle in the world will not help with low water pressure. If the hose just puts out a trickle, covering even a small flower bed can take twenty minutes. Watering the whole lawn is endless.

• Cannot rinse dishes. Filling the sink will take longer, and holding dishes under running water becomes a chore.

A domestic water booster pump changes this. It consists of a simple two-part construction: a pump and a tank. The tank is lined with a bladder; as the pump fills the bladder, it becomes highly pressurized, providing you with a standing supply of high-pressure water. You can get these systems in a form that is activated at the push of a button (turn on the water pressure when you want it) or those that automatically kick in when you start using water.

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