Am I lonely or mental

I have a pretty awful relationship with men in that I am not in a relationship with any man except for in my head. I find when my mind drifts while I perform menial tasks that I create a relationship in my mind with the hottest boy I last spoke to. This happens often enough that when I see that boy kiss another girl at a party or on a date with someone in a cafe I feel like I’ve been broken up with. Crazy right?! Although to be fair the broken heart lasts about 5 minutes or however long it takes for another cute boy with a nose piercing to talk to me or neck on with me on a night out. I have no idea if this is a healthy part of being single and I should just let my subconscious mind create boyfriends out of boys I hardly know, or if I’ve just been single so long that I’ve started to drift away from the norm and into some sort of crazy whirlpool of absolutely insane loneliness; in which case I should probably go for a swim in freezing tassie water to refresh my crazy-brain. Probably the latter. I’m creating this post to A. recognise and reflect on how mental I’ve been acting for the past year and to B. hopefully find out if other peoples’ brains work like this too?? If so please let me know that I am not the only one. SOS