Week 8 EDTS240

What is the design technologies curriculum?

The Design and Technologies curriculum allows students to work with specific problems and work to complete design solutions that can be incorporated to fix a problem. Teachers may use the design technologies curriculum to allow students to look at real world problems and look at fixing these using the design technologies knowledge the students have. Through using real world problems students can look at the different impacts technology has on the world.

The technologies curriculum encompasses four main aspects, these are as follows:

  • Engineering, principles and systems
  • Food and fibre production
  • Food specialisations
  • Materials and technologies specialisations.

Ultimately the design technologies curriculum has been created to allow students to assess real life problems and look at the technology they have access to and looking at creating a final solution. Through completing these tasks students can meet the outcomes on the curriculum.

Why is it important to my future role?

The design technologies curriculum as a teacher will provide me with a guide and assist me in choosing the appropriate tasks and projects to ensure students meet the outcomes within the curriculum. By having this guide it will also allow me to look at areas I have an opportunity to adapt in and create fun tasks and projects for the students to undertake. Through using the design technologies curriculum we can develop individual students who may develop a solution to a real world problem.

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