My first and last blog post ever

A month ago I was preparing to move from Toronto to Dakar for a one-year contract. I was having the lunches and drinks with colleagues required of a consultant determined to keep her network alive, when over lasagna someone told me I should start a blog. I responded with a characteristic raised eyebrow and a retort along the lines of “What is this, 2005?”

Despite having lived, studied, and traveled in all sorts of curious places over the last 10 years, I have not documented or shared my stories in any real way. There were occasional long emails to family and friends, several fruitless attempts at coming up with a witty blogspot domain name, and a journal with a red cover that one traveling companion insisted we use to record our movements. So let’s be honest, this may be my first and last blog post ever.

But I confess to a narcissistic sense that I have stories to tell and that I can tell them well. And upon discovery of Medium, I no longer have the excuse of complicated platforms or that dreaded blogspot domain name.

I won’t commit to writing with any regularity but I will commit to the conditions applied to a story exchange segment on one of my favourite CBC radio shows, the Vinyl Cafe: Your story must be true and it must be short, after that it is up to you.

So here goes…or not…

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