11 Instagram Tips to Boost Engagement for 2022

11 Instagram Tips to Boost Engagement for 2022

Marketers are now worried about the sudden click here drop in Instagram engagement. The algorithm updates are digging holes to bury Organic Reach. Months of content planning and selecting the right graphics are involved. The results are not what you expected..

“Is organic reach dead?”

You can breathe a sigh, and it’s not dead yet. The rules have changed. This is a reminder to Instagram marketers to increase engagement by using all of the platform’s features.

I will reveal the secrets to leveraging these features to increase engagement.

We will first go over what Instagram engagement is and how to calculate your current rate.

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram engagement refers to your brand’s interactions with other Instagrammers.

Instagram has a billion users. However, there is always a race for attention. One who dominates their followers’ timelines and creates the most relevant content at the right moment is the one that takes the spotlight.

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to gain genuine likes and comments. This opens up new avenues for branding and lead generation.

This checklist will help you make sure that your post is a success.

Is your follower seeing your post in their feed?

Are they going to find it intriguing enough to touch a heart?

Is the post going to intrigue them enough to stop thinking about their past?

Is this post relevant enough to be shared?

Is it possible to save this post?

These will accurately predict the type of engagement your content should generate.

This is a fact: traction like this can be rare. We can still increase our Instagram engagement.

How do you measure Instagram engagement?

The question now is how do you measure Instagram engagement?

It can be quite frustrating at times, as algorithms constantly change. Instagram is known for its Experimentation and bombardment of us with new updates.

In November 2019, the like counts were removed from public view worldwide. It is still under investigation, and limited test accounts are available.

Reach is the number of Instagrammers who viewed your content. The impression, or the number of times your audience has seen your content, might be more important than the Reach.

SocialPilot allows you to explore deep Instagram metrics and analytics if it seems too complicated.

Engagement is not possible if you don’t strike the right balance between quality and quantity. To achieve the perfect result, you need to go that extra mile.

Here are 11 Instagram tips to increase engagement. Are you ready to get your socks up? Let’s begin.

1. Tag the relevant

Tagging is a guarantee of attention. Tags will ensure that relevant accounts and influencers interact with your posts.

You can also leverage the power of user-generated material by tagging your followers who have mentioned or tagged you. This has a multiplier effect on engagement rates. The boost is natural.

Add the account by using @. Type the account name in the captions and stories. Select the drop-down menu and click “OK.”

2. Geo Tagging Trick

One of the best Instagram tips is geotagging. According to Sprout Social Report, geotagged posts get 79% more engagement.

Locally, you can promote your business by identifying the exact location of your posts. You can hit both eyes of a bull. Engagement and conversions are yours.

Partnering with local influencers who share similar geotags to yours is also possible.

Geotag your posts and stories, not just for posting. This will immediately improve your visibility.

These can be saved if you plan a vacation and leave the worry behind with Airbnb bookings.

3. Well-thought Captions

Captions help your message reach your audience. Highlighted purposes make the post more logical.

You can experiment with crisp and detailed captions. You can also use emojis to make your message less authoritative.

To improve readability, use whitespaces where necessary. You can experiment with different fonts, but they should all look the same.

Nat Geo Captions

This Nat Geo post has a lovely caption that gives us a glimpse into the backstory. Nat Geo’s thoughtful captions are a hallmark of the network. They create a feeling of connection and emotion with their audience.

4. Hashtag Wonders

Before you look at this Instagram tip with a skewed brow, let me assure you.

Yes, hashtag hack is possible on Instagram. It works in the same way that Geotags and increases your visibility radius.

For Insights states that hashtags help increase engagement on Instagram by 12.6%.

For stories and posts, the hashtag limit is 30 and 10, respectively. However, it is best not to use too many. They can clutter up the space. Pick the most important ones.

The majority of hashtags are generic, branded, or community-based. It is important to choose the right hashtags and create unique hashtags for your brands.

For More:https://socialfollowerspro.uk/


Starbucks is one of the most engaging brands on Instagram. They use custom hashtags to promote new products and campaigns.

This is their #PumpkinSpiceLatte, which has received 687k hits. This hashtag is used to create brand waves with around 640,686 related posts.

5. Keep an eye out for trends

Trends will come and go, so it’s not surprising. You, as a brand, need to be concerned about it because this is where all the attention is focused.

Trends are already in the spotlight. You need a dynamic Instagram marketing strategy to add brand-specific flair.

McDonald’s Trend

The netizens have been taken by surprise by the recent monolith incident. It is still unknown what caused the mysterious disappearances and appearances. McDonald’s was one of the brands that embraced this trend.

This is McDonald’s’ way of anticipating the monolithic trend: advertising their drive-thru service. This post has been liked 110k times and counting.

6. Bio Makeovers

Bios are like captions for posts. They are the first introduction to your account.

Impress your visitors with a captivating bio that sets the expectations right. Avoid clumsy writing and omit long descriptions.


This Madewell bio is worth a look. The twin account for men’s fashion wear was even mentioned. The concise biography begins with a jokey quote and then the steps needed to follow if you are interested.

They provided a link to their official site for interested prospects.

7. You can save the world!

Save is the new way to get your audience back.

Today, saving is one of the most important metrics for Instagram engagement. This is why it should be a primary goal of any Instagram strategy.

How-to guides and DIY posts are the most popular content ideas. Think about what you can post to make your followers click on the bookmark icon.

Crafty Panda DIY

Crafty Panda is a DIY-themed content creator with over 1.4 million followers. They provide engaging and intuitive content with great tips and tricks…

Followers can save the file for later and return it whenever needed.

8. Conversation trails

Posting is not the end of your work. Your audience should also respond.

They will be more likely to return the favor next time. Ask them to comment on your captions. If they respond positively, reply to them. This keeps the engagement alive.

Sephora Replies

Sephora’s prompt responses are winning over Instagram. You get answers to all your questions almost immediately.

Please take a look at this post, where they mention their eyeliners. One of the followers then asks a question. Sephora responded immediately to the question and set an example for brand care.

9. Countdown Magic

FOMO is one of the most frightening feelings these days. No one wants to lose out on a great deal, so they are always looking for more.

Use countdown magic to grab their attention and trigger a series of actions among your followers. For limited deals, countdown stickers and timers can be used.

Inspire curiosity and watch your Instagram engagement grow before the last giveaway.

Cadbury FOMO

This Cadbury post discusses their Orange Twirl limited edition. The second release was announced in a presale, which made followers regret not getting it.

10. Keen Planning

Foolproof planning is more than an Instagram tip. It’s a lifesaving tool.

You should plan how you will use the features. Also, consider what works well. Keep an eye on your competition and see what works for them.

To show a 360-degree view of your business, including every aspect. You will find the right pattern to help you get the traction you need. This will help you avoid panic attacks or content starvation.

11. Unlock Experimentation

Marketing is not for old-fashioned souls.

Experimentation is possible when you step up. You can create a variety of content on Instagram.

You can alter your plans, but you should be consistent in quality and brand approach.


Take a look at Dolce&Gabana profile. They’ve used every feature that Instagram has to offer. You can create reels, guides, IGTV videos, and highlights without losing the brand’s elatedness.

All types of content are available to their followers. They have something for everyone — short-form or long-form, image-based or video-based. They are tempted to attract 25 million users and more to be their loyal followers.

12. Bonus Tip: Guides

Guides, still considered a new feature, is one of the most underrated. This is an essential tool in the Instagram marketing strategy.

You can also add recommendations for your favorite products and places. Guides can be used as catalogs for your company. A guide can be used to collect your most popular posts and create a step-by-step guide. Headlines can accompany your commentary.

Create Guide

These steps will help you create guides:

Select the + icon from your Instagram profile page.

Choose Guide from the Create popup.

Select Product to access product-based guides, hangout suggestions, and post ideas for curated posts guides.

These guides are available on both your profile page and the Explore page. These guides can be shared as stories and direct messages.

Guide View

This is how Instagram uses its Guides feature to curate positive and empowering content. Click on each section to go directly to the original posts.


Instagram marketing strategy is a juggling game that involves multiple tasks. Without engagement, the entire game is doomed. Get on top of this first.

These 11 Instagram tips will help you strike the perfect balance and attract followers like bees. You can create a custom Instagram strategy that is consistent and fits your needs.

Your followers can gain a more refined view of your business by allowing them to share it with others. Get the engagement wheels turning faster.



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