The F-111 Was the Muscular Bomber That Nearly Killed Gaddafi
War Is Boring

The pics are from the 48th TFW at RAF Lakenheath England. The “Blue Tail” is the 492nd TFS, the Red Tail is the 493rd TFS and the one with all 4 squadron colors on the top of the tail is the Wing Commander’s bird. Also, the bird that went down on the Libya raid was not shot down. It crashed due to a TFR failure over the Med. The WSO on that bird was a friend of mine. Also, every 111 tech I ever knew called them “Pigs”, not Varks. Aardvark, translated from the original Dutch language means “Earth Pig” hence the moniker. I was a Comm/Nav/ECM tech on 111’s and was in the 493rd AGS at Lakenheath.

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