We are truly impressed by our fleet of startups navigating the COVID-19 crisis during H1 2020. Kudos and congratulations are deserved.

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Follow-on investments all-time high

H1 2020 ended up being an all-time high for follow-on investment in the Alliance Venture portfolio. Eight companies raised a total of 479 MNOK (approx. 50 MUSD). Six of the funding rounds have already been announced, Apexx Global, Shoreline, Aprila Bank, Boost.ai,

Today we launch Alliance Venture Delta, our latest fund, as well as our expansion into Sweden.

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Launch team picture COVID-19 style

We are very happy and proud to be able to close a sizable early-stage venture fund in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. This will enable us to invest in a very challenging time for the startup ecosystem. And though this post is written while most of us are still in lock-down it is our firm belief that we as a society will fight through these difficult times. We will look back at this as an inflection point that opened up opportunities to do things differently and made room for new ideas in many industries.

Opening our third office

Opening our third office in Stockholm, besides Oslo and Palo Alto, is a natural evolution as we seek to be more active across the Nordics with the new fund. Anders Hallin, who was an advisor to our previous fund, now joins as Partner to head up the Stockholm office. Anders Hallin brings 20 years of entrepreneurial experience as a founder, executive and angel investor in companies such as Skype, Kry, Saltside, Telenor and others. …

Now is the time for investors to prove themselves as great long-term partners to entrepreneurs and that it’s not just a marketing gimmick

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Market conditions during COVID-19

At the time of writing, we’re about a month into the severe COVID-19 outbreak in the West. …

Arne H. Tonning

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