Realtors, Juicy Career Advice

Realtors, Juicy Career Advice

Realtors: “Juicy Career Advice” just sounds very summer like. Or at least the graphic for this blog post looks very Summer-ish, don’t you think? Realtors, there is so much “juicy” career advice you can find online, in blogs, podcasts, twitter, your broker or franchise….everywhere! I am not here to sum up all the career advice that could help increase your real estate production and take your business to new levels. There is not a single blog post that i think would sum that up. It is a life long journey of learning and growing. Adapting to cultural shifts and shifts within the industry and market place you sell real estate in. You have to have a career where you are aware of the needs around you and the changes on the horizon in the real estate field. This takes 24/7 focus and time to keep your finger on the pulse of your real estate career so that you can continue and upward trajectory in your growth as a Realtor.

All that said, i try to write/podcast/video continuous tips and tricks to grow your real estate career. (Probably why you should subscribe to my podcast on Itunes — and to our channel — and my Facebook Pg — — but i digress….)

Here is some very real advice, and very juicy in the moment:

  1. Don’t neglect audio — do you have a podcast? are using the Anchor app & platform? Alexa briefings? ….you should
  2. Don’t neglect video — Are you uploading property video tours? FB live your open house or new listings? Send video emails to clients and past clients? ….you should
  3. Don’t neglect your sphere — NAR still states that over the life of your real estate career 70–80% of your business will come through friends/family/co-workers/past clients and direct refers from each of these groups. Then why is 80% of your time and money going into lead generation of “new” “cold” leads and business?
  4. Stay Juicy my friends….. — Career — Chris Ward BIC Page — @EagleRealtySC — @EagleRealtySC
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