A boy meets a girl

I don’t know whether its a coincidence or a destiny

They both fall for each other

They promised each other their company forever in the loneliness in the happiness in the sorrows and the miseries

The girl really loved him

They planned everything

From right after marriage to the old ages

Days goes by time passes by

They fall for each other deeper and deeper

The guy really loved her. He compromised his everything for her . His family, his friends ,his every precious thing

They were going really fine

But as we know after every good time the bad time comes

One day the girl wakes up , all of sudden she realises that she has no feelings for for him anymore

For no particular reason she just wanted to part their ways

The guy couldn’t fine any reasons to this happening

Nothing mattered anymore

No matter how hard he tried to convince her , to get her back in his life

He failed to do so

She had already made up her mind to leave him alone

He was left all alone when he needed his love to support

He messed up his mind , lost many things ,even the the faith on himself.

The girl didn’t care about anything . Even if he is alive or not

The guy kept wondering about her all the time

The days the nights

All those promises and all those dreams they once saw together are now shattered in pieces.

For no reason

The guy is. still suffering and always will

Bcz whenever he said at the end of the day “ I love you and I always will ” he meant every word

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